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The Crimson Chimera West team has decided to withdraw from the Iron Chef Competition, since winning by default doesn't seem appropriate.  We, Ly. Elayne O'Ceiliachair and myself, have volunteered to assist Master Caelin, Lady Aislyn and the others to prepare the food for the nobles and the wedding party.  Our third team member could not be reached.
Next year we will trounce you all soundly and make away with the prizes!
In Service to the Dream,
Ly. Gwenllian Brighid Hertewelle

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There is at least one entrant to the Iron Chef competition at Elfsea Defender. If they are the only team, then they will get a  box of food and be able to show what they can do with it and get the prizes. I’ll wait another day for registration to close in case someone else chooses to compete.
If there are less than three teams, then Lady Aislyn (our Seneschal) and I will also cook with help from the autocrats, but not in competition. The output of the Iron Chef was to feed both a wedding party and the nobles lunch, so we will add to the food available to ensure these worthy persons are properly fed.
In service,
Caelin on Andrede
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