[Elfsea] Elfsea Defender Archery Tournament ????????

Lisa Wolfe hlarabella at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 18:15:25 PDT 2007

On 9/19/07, Ameline DuBois <Ameline at generich.com> wrote:

>  Wow! Once again Arabella jumps into the open list tell people how they
> are screwing up her game…..lets see.
Actually It wasn't me first it was Meryain, who has 3 children who love to
shoot achery, and she was given a lousy answer to her question.  (And once
again Ameline jumps in being offended and defensive!  I can play at that
game to.)

I'm on an open list because the children's events were cancelled on an open
list before someone asked the open list for a replacement.  I'm on an open
list because a dear friend posted her disastisfaction publically about the
absence of a truly looked forward to activitiy at a Baronial Event.  Frankly
I and she are probally not the only ones, just the few people who are
willing to put their neck out and voice an opinion contrary to the governing

Actually I thought it was guite brave of her since she hasn't been playing
that long.  I of course have nothing to loose, I've already lost it.

Since you have been playing 10 years, you know that ALL the activities will
probably not happen on the same field.

>  So I would assume that was just your cutting humor.
I wouldn't call it humor I would call it sarcasm.  And yes I was being
sarcastic, partially to point out that the reason given  by others about
cancelling or not having children's archery was a really stupid reason.  And
the real reason was that no one wanted to marshal it.

>  I believe you see correctly about the archery field. Your second sentence
> is that cutting humor again isn't it, Surely You would not be trying to
> scold us about how to treat people or behave.
> In case you missed it; that… was MY cutting sense of humor!

Actually I was scolding the barony for poor planning.  Not once have I seen
any of the following posted on this list:
Hey would anyone like to marshall the children's archery shoot?
We need someone to volunteer to run children's activities, our previous
person has had "lifetus interuptus"!
Is there a desire in the barony for children's archery at our event? We
haven't had anyone volunteer yet to run this?

The Barony should take a good look at why people in general come to the
event?  Shouldn't you at least try to cater to everyone who is likely to
come and give them a reason to come?

Ameline DuBois

>  Who will be running children's activities at the event
I'm very glad you stepped up to the plate to do this.  The children will
have a great time.
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