[Elfsea] Thanks

Marilyn Wolffe mmdswolffe at sbcglobal.net
Sun Sep 23 14:28:27 PDT 2007

I want to thank the 3 young SCA men in the silver car that - untangled the trailer and hook it back  up after that mean ole cattle graed crossing separted it from my van.
  After my thanks they said "thats what SCA'ers do for each other"--true Chivelary!!  
  Vivat to the autocarts for there hard work---and all others who contributed to all having a good time.
  Vivat the the old and new Baron & Baroness.
  Thank you, Lord Carrel(Purple Lady's Husband-yes he knows who his is),  Lady Eithne is jealous of what Wolfheart has, that was wrought by your hand.
  Thank you,
  Lady Meriyan der Grat, Anika, Wolfheart(Ansteorra's newest rising star) & Mattiue 
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