[Elfsea] Elfsea Defender Thank yous!!

Jeanne Carter jeanne.c at sbcglobal.net
Thu Sep 27 11:34:26 PDT 2007

  Greetings from your friendly neighborhood Defender Autocrats!
  We have a lot of 'thank yous' to give to those who helped make Elfsea Defender such an AWESOME event!  It truly could not have been done without everyone.
  If I leave out anyone, I am truly sorry...I have not yet fully recovered, I think!
  Thank you...
  To Elspeth, Gerhardt, and their family who were invaluable with their knowledge of the site, the owner, and all of their hard work.  Elspeth had an awesome crew of Gate workers who put in many hours.  
  To Caelin and Pyro with their crew of workers who put on a wonderful Landed Luncheon that had everyone raving.  I know Rua was runnig back and forth between gate AND cooking.
  To H.E. Katheryn, Elizabeth, Gunthar and the fine people of Steppes hosted a wonderful breakfast which was a wonderful (and tasty) way to start the day.
  To Merryn, who fed Their Royal Majesties and their retainers dinner.
  To the fine folks of Dragonsfire Tor (Lady Janie, Owen, Elmer, etc.) for helping with the set up of site.  
  To Daniel of Cameron, Damon, and Rikr- They were such hard workers when it came to set up as well.  Due to them, we had Big Blue- It very nearly did not happen.  The ridge pole was broken and unusable.  These fine gentlemen made a brand new ridge pole, so no one would have any problems in the future.
  To Aingeal, Lochlan, Genna, the outgoing champions Romanius and Ingve,  and all the heralds, marshalls, water bearers, and list mistresses- you made the field run very smoothly. 
  To Ascelyn,  Fearghus, and Daniel, along with Master Karl and Mistress Kiselda, who had the archery in tip-top form.
  To Ameline, who graciously stepped in to take over children's activities and help with the landed lunch, when she could easily have sat back and had a well-deserved rest.
  To Crandall, who offered to be nasty-crat and for the use of his radios.  
  To the Middle Eastern Dance Guild who held a very entertaining contest.
  To Wolfstar, who put on a rockin' party!
  To Kat, who was a great web mistress, and always willing ot add our many updates.
  To our new Baron and Baroness, who handled the change quite smoothly.
  Tear down and clean up are never fun, but we had a lot of help from Steppes, as well as a few of our own.  Tiny Joscelyn is quite mighty in her work ethic!!  Damon went above and beyond collecting the trash left behind, and driving the trailer back and unloading with Caelin and myself.
  I know this was quite lengthy, and yet, it could've been longer!
  So to everyone who helped, VIVAT!!
  In service,
  Sibri and Aelfwyn 
  (Druinne too!)

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