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Greetings to one and all! thankyou Lady Gwenllien for posting the theme I have chosen. 

I am going to be in Chicago this week for training and my flight in from Chicago Ohare is scheduled to land at DFW at 6:33 PM. Is there any one who could swing by my place this week and pick up the staff and cloak. Currently I see no reason why I should not be there however Ohare is a very busy airport that has alot of buisness flights on friday night and I would like to simply make sure that these get there irregardless of my Itenerary. 

Thanks again
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  The following is from Master Darius regarding the criteria for Passing of the cloak, on October 5th:

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    The criteria I would like is as follows, I would like to hear original or period peices. ("original" includes an original peice some one else in the SCA that the bard knows wrote, I consider learning someone elses original work equally as viable as learning one from period)  

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