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Now let  it be known and proclaimed throughout all the lands that these
warriors did  face all opponents and emerge victorious.  All have
marveled at their  skill upon the field and beheld their prowess.  From
this day forward  they will be known as a tota mala puga and the
fighters in Ansteorra at  Bryn Gwlad's Fall Faire.

Any who would gainsay their claim should bring  their dispute (and
their armor) to next year's tournament.

These are  the fighters who emerged from a total field of twenty-one.

Best Royal  fighter - Duke Aaron MacGregor
Best Chivalric fighter - Sir Alexis la  Bouche
Best Centurion fighter - Lord Hrafn Olafsson
Best Unbelted  fighter - Lord Lochlan Dunn

And the best fighter in Ansteorra and Bryn  Glad's new champion is Lochlan 

My thanks to Mafawnwy and Saundra  for doing a brilliant job of
managing the list; Duke Hoegaarden, the  outgoing champion, for
providing a most interesting finals format, and Lady  Alina and crew
for bearing water for the competitors.

In  service,

Sir Giotto

We are knights. We are professional  killers constrained by a code of
conduct that turns murder into both art  and service. -- Duke Cuán
MacDaige  (Atlantia)
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