[Elfsea] New Heirs of Ansteorra

Regan Caimbeul regan.caimbeul at gmail.com
Sat Apr 5 12:39:30 PDT 2008

Good afternoon,

I just received word from Crown Tournament, and the new heirs of Ansteorra
have been selected.  Their Highnesses are Prince Ulsted The Unsteady and
Princess Ebergardis von Zell.

The final round came down to His Highness facing Count Gunthar Jonsson who
was fighting for the honor of Lady Elizabeth Seale.  From what I was told,
it was a very exciting and exhausting final round (lasting nearly half an
hour).  The first bout went to Ulsted.  The second bout, Ulsted yielded to
Gunthar and then Ulsted won the final bout.

Well done!  Wish I could have been there!


In Service,

Lady Regan Caimbeul

If everything happened when and how we wanted it to, then nothing would be
worth waiting for...
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