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Marilyn Wolffe mmdswolffe at sbcglobal.net
Sat Apr 5 19:18:53 PDT 2008

You mean Lord Quill--VIVAT to him for receiving his AOA today at Crown!!
  Lady Meriyan of FalconRose

Jessica Smith <jasiwolf at gmail.com> wrote:
I'm excited you've heard the plea and stood up to the plate! We will be doing a small demo table at the medieval faire for SMU. 
Do not think that I have too many people for this demo. We can still use more people. The idea is to host a table but I would like to see there be enough people for theire to be wanderers - bards to sing and draw attention, fighters to stomp around and do stick. Lets have fun with this - its 4 hours - lets make it eventful. 
Contact me if you would like to participate. 
Word Fame for those who answered the call quickest! 
Don Duncan will be out there making money
Honorable Lady Saqra will be out there to show some of the artisan things off. 
Her Excellency, Kathrine will have a tent (if possible) for shade and provide us with her royal presence. 
Quill will be there to entice his fellow students with his barding. 

I will be there to get names and contact information and give out flyers. 

Please please please contact me and let me know that you will be participating! 
Yours in Service to the Dream, 
Vyolante de Oporto
Steppes Hospitaler

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