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Wesley Duke wesleyduke at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 07:19:33 PDT 2008

>From the Co-Stewards of Crown Tournament;

We would like to congratulate our new Heirs, TRH Ulstead and Ebergardis and
thank you to TRM Aaron and Vanessa for allowing Elfsea to host this wondrous

And now the special thanks to the people that made this event happen.  First,
let us thank Lord Daniel of Cameron and Lady Delores of Elfsea for coming
out on Friday to help with setup. Without these two gentles the set up of
all the pavilions and the lay out of list area would not have happened.  These
two gentles exceeded far beyond our requests for help and were instrumental
in this event happening. Elfsea is lucky to have such generous and hard
working individuals.

Also, thank you to Sir Tomas and his squire Lady Maggie for coming to help
with the list field and help to finish erecting Big Blue. Lord Lochan Dunn
and Tomas also made the wonderful site tokens!

Thank you to Lady Toryn for setting up the signs for us. They were highly
effective in pointing the way to the site.

A special thanks to Delores for running gate. She worked tirelessly to make
this happen and never left her post.

Thank you to Lady Elspeth who ran the water bearing and all the wonderful
gentles that brought refreshment on what turned into beautiful warm day.

Also a special thanks to the Elfsea Coroner Gerhard and his assistant
Detrich for removing the dead body from the field. Another story to be

A special thanks to Mistress Stella who brought out her lawn mower on
Saturday and with the help of Lord Gryffryd, mowed the list field to ensure
a safe day of fighting.

Thank you to Lord Gerhard, Detrich, Pyro, Caelin, Gustav, Mara, Stella,
Cathal and TE Elfsea for helping us tear down and load up Saturday evening.

Again thank you one and all for making this event happen.

HL Fearghus MacKenna

HLy Ascelyn of Glyntewerde

Co-Stewards for Crown Tourney

PS.   As a personal note, I want to thank my Co-Steward HL Ascelyn of
Glyntewerde for working all day preparing the luncheon for the Landed
Nobility and for Their Majesties. She didn't get to see much of the days
activities and I truly appreciate the effort she put into this event.

Thank you, Fearghus.
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