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And I slept right through it, as well.  I think.  The meds the doc has me on
makes me "go" a lot (lost 20  pounds of "water retention weight" while I was
in the hospital.!
But I'm okay.

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Yeah- lots of trees down all over the neighborhood. The neighbor across the
street lost a big one. Fortunately we only lost branches. Somehow my gerber
daisies are standing tall and no worse for the wear. ("Strong as a daisy"?)
Got power back either 7 or 9 am- hehe, can't remember- I was asleep.
Hope everyone else is alright!
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We have several panels of our neighbors fence in our backyard, and a
neighbor across the street has a tree in the road here in Bedford. HEB
schools are closed today.

Lochlan, Genna, are ya'll ok?


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