[Elfsea] King's College 2008 - Still need instructors...

Viviana Rowntree tinygypsylady at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 06:27:53 PDT 2008

Good Day unto the Populace of our fair and wonderous Kingdom, its Baronies
and Cantons,

Thank you to those who have replied and have offered their valuable time and
expertise for the upcoming King's Collegium 2008.
We still need instructors of all various sorts.  Please consider sharing
your talents and expertise with the Populace of this wonderous Kingdom.

The Collegium will be hosted at Wagonmaster RV Park in Sanger, TX, off of
I35.  This will be as period an event as we can hold so most classes will be
under the shade of pavillions.

*Date:*     Saturday, June 14th
*Time:*    Classes will start around 10AM, gate will open at 9am

If you are interested in teaching, I will need the following information
from you as soon as possible:

*Class Title*
*Class Description* (this should be what you want posted to explain the
class and any handouts would be helpful)
*Class Length *(1 hour time increments)
*Class Size Limit*
*Class Cost*
*Requirements* (supplies, electricty, experties, etc)

I also need to know the following:

*Age limits for class* (childern allowed?  Under what age is not workable?)
*Preference of time* (am, pm)
*Name you want listed for the class (your SCA name, titles, etc.)*
As I am sure everyone is aware, the sooner I have your information, the
sooner I can accommodate each instructor.

Thank you, in advance, for considation of sharing your knowledge with us!

Please repost as necessary.


Lady Viviana
Co-Steward, Kings College 2008
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