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Aingeal, Will you serve the clear water that you served at  Definder? 

an_mac at charter.net> wrote:
      Lady Meriyan I will help you with the prep and set up.  Just call me.

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  I will water bear for you. I have taken Waterbearing 101 from HL Aingeal, so I am carded.
  I was planning on coming out early on friday, since I will be working troll first shift.  So I can get the WB tent set up.  I work water bearing all the time. But have never done all the prep work and buying before,  Let me know.
  Lady Meriyan

Jenn Kostal <ladygenevieve at gmail.com> wrote:
  Greetings Elfsea,

I am throwing myself on the anvil of "first time autocrat". In going
through my list of "to be done", I realized I do not have a person who
has volunteered to run waterbearing. Is there someone who would be
willing to step up and do this?

Also, what has the barony used in the past as a truck or trailer for
load in for equipment (tents, tables, list field, waterbearing stuff).
If someone has a truck/trailer they normally volunteer and would be
willing to do so again please let me know.

Once we have a trailer to load into, I would like to coordinate a load
in at the shed (permitting I can get access to said shed) on Thursday
night May 1st. Many hands make light work so anyone who is able and
willing to help load in I would really really appricate it.

Thank you so much!
Event Steward for Springfaire 2008

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