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  Unto all those who are not yet a Knight or Don/Doña, you are cordially invited to join the White Belts and White Scarves, who will be gathering from all over Ansteorra to watch which of you will be honored as the Best Overall Chivalric Entrant and Best Overall Rapier Entrant at Squires & Cadets XV on May 9-11, 2008.
  Historically, Squires & Cadets has provided a showcase for non-White Belted, non-White Scarved individuals to demonstrate not only their fighting skills, but also their knowledge of courtly graces.  This Squires & Cadets will have all the traditional elements. Remember this event is not just for Squires and Cadets, it is for ALL non-White Belted and non-White Scarved individuals.
  Chivalric and White Scarf Circles to be held in the afternoon. 
  Those interested in striving for the top honors should try to compete in the following competitions:
Double elim list run by Sir Giotto and Don Iago
3-man melee list run by Don Ansgar, Sir Asoph, Don Thorland 
  Obstacle course run by Sir Hoegaarden and Don Avery
A&S competition run by Don Pieter and Sir Alexis
Dance competition run by Sir Rhodri and Don Christoforo 
  Bardic competition run by Dona Antonia and Sir Kenneth
  There will be a cache of prizes for the individual winners of each of the above activities.  The point system for selecting the overall winners from amongst the chivalric and rapier entrants will be: 5 points to the winners of each round of the double elimination list. In the 3-man melee, each member of a winning team will receive 5 points each round. Each entrant also receives 1-10 points for competing in the bardic, A&S, and dance competitions, with the obstacle course being worth 1-20 points.
  Armor inspection opens at 9 am and the double elimination list starts at 10 am.  The A&S, dance, bardic, and obstacle course competitions will be open to all, including non-combatants.  A&S will take the form of a judged display competition; sign-up opens at 9 am, closes at noon. Prepare your best single entry. Enter ANYTHING; it is the attempt which counts. The obstacle course will include tests of intelligence, agility, and even heraldry.     
  For the dance portion, come prepared to do your favorite.  Don’t know one? Instructors and partners will be on hand to assist throughout the day; contact your local dance guild if you need help.
  Bardic. One piece, performer's choice. Period style is not required, but period pieces & original pieces in a period style will be given additional consideration. Group entries will be accepted. In such cases, groups are encouraged to choose pieces that allow each person being judged to contribute in a distinct & even way. (i.e. - don't make the judges' lives too difficult!).
  The sumptuous incredibly period feast will be crafted by Grillmaster William, Baron Loch. Okay, so it may not be completely period, but you WILL want to eat it. (Limited to first 125). ACCEPS available.
  Der BoDy Landsknecht Tavern will open after feast and court, offering FREE beer, wine, and mead.  There are even have 4 gorgeous tavern wenches to serve you while you listen to the musical styling of Baron Mateo.
  For more info visit
  Steward & Retiring Squire
  Squires & Cadets XIV.

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