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Not going to Gulf War, but still craving something to do? How about volunteering some time at the All CON demo, March 7th, 8th, and 9th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Midway in Addison?  We need volunteers of all types, from fighters to artists to workers, but especially people who like people! Come pull a single shift, or come and hang out all day -- just come in costume and have a good time!

Set up and limited display time starts Friday, March 7th, and we need to man our booth inside of the vendor’s room all day on March 8th and 9th during All CON vendor hours. But you won't be pinned down to the booth for hours -- there's too much to do and see! Events before the vendor room opens and after it closes are up to you! If your availability is limited, but you live close or will be close to the area, consider just helping us set up or tear down. [shameless plea for assistance!]

What we need: arts and sciences of all kinds, such as costumes, armor, weaving, calligraphy, embroidery, metal work – well, you name it, we need it….with the exception of food and alcohol. (Food for our private consumption is ok, but is probably not cool to put out for tasting.) We also need people to do various presentations and fighting demos. If you do an art that could be interactive, are a bard or fighter, we can use you for presentations! You don’t have to be a star Bard, Knight or Laurel to give interested mundanes a taste of what we do. Of course, we won’t turn you down if you are one of those exalted few, but what we DO need is people who can talk to other people about who we are and what we do in a way that will interest but not intimidate them. Demos are one of our most important tools to interest newcomers, and you can be instrumental in bringing new people in!  

There are a limited number of full event passes for those who are strongly committed to participating the entire weekend, and some single day passes. Please see the All CON website for full details on tickets or for possible accommodations in the hotel. (This web address can be limited by some access software...)

WARNING! Like many other science fiction conventions, non-SCA participants tend to dress and behave in a method that can be best described as for MATURE AUDIENCES only. There is also graphic artwork available in the art rooms and in the vendor areas. This demo is probably NOT suitable for the young and impressionable!

If you are interested, please contact me to volunteer. Send emails to alkudsi at aol.com, and please include both your society name and your legal, mundane name, plus contact information. Phone calls to my landline / answering machine (972-492-7203) are also fine (but not after 10:30 p.m.), but please speak clearly and slowly (the machine is old and has hearing problems, not to mention I’m not so young anymore, either!). 

I did this demo last year for the first time, and had a lot of fun…and that is what I’d like to make it for you, as well! If we have fun, mundanes will assume that the SCA is fun, too!

Honorable el-Sayyidda Saqra al-Kudsi

P. S. Would someone with access please bounce this announcement to Elfsea, Dragonsfire Tor, and Glaslyn?  Thanks a lot!

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