[Elfsea] Fw: Renaissance art game for kids

Steve Rourke steverourke at charter.net
Fri Feb 8 07:10:04 PST 2008

Pardon the forward but this one just had to be sent on as iss.


>>This is a very cool site for children - or grown-up children! - interested
>>in Renaissance Italy.  Under-8s may need help reading the blurbs.
>>The "Be An Art Patron" game is especially cool - Caterina (AKA Tabby) was
>>a great state of mirth when she discovered that all the "people" in the
>>(portrait subjects of the time) move their eye(s) in time with the mouse.
>>Yes, you can make them roll their eyes, go cross eyed, have one eye spin
>>wildly like Mad Eye Moody...
>>They also have interactives on Renaissance art, history, life, technology,

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