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Greetings to the Barony of the Steppes, our shires, and our neighbors!


His Majesty, Aaron MacGregor III has graciously accepted our invitation
to participate in the All CON demo before he sets out for Gulf Wars, so
not only will he be attending, but fighting on Saturday March 8th! This
is very exciting for me as the coordinator, but it is also a challenge
to Steppes, Lindenwood, and Glaslyn, as well as Elfsea and its shires
and cantons, to provide suitable fighting partners for him. We will also
need marshalls and those who can explain to the viewers what is going
on.? Also, it is a time to pull out those dazzling costumes and
extraordinary A&S projects to provide suitable ambiance both for the
fighting and for the booth. 


Anyone wishing to participate with demonstrations other than fighting
should please contact me via private email so that the proper
arrangements can be made with the staff of All CON. Please remember that
the space we have for our display is a large booth; any dancing,
fighting, or other demos will need a meeting room or space set up ahead
of time with the convention. Demos are usually limited to?1 hour?or 1
1/2 hour slots, so the timing and the arrangements are complex logistics
involving all participating groups, not just the SCA.


Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!


HL Saqra al-Kudsi

All CON demo coordinator


P.S. If someone would be so kind as to post this announcement to the
Glaslyn, Elfse, and Dragonsfire Tor lists, I would be very grateful.


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