[Elfsea] Bardic Guild - a question to the Bards

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Mon Feb 11 13:07:33 PST 2008

Dear Eleanor
1. What day and time would be most convenient for a Bardic Guild meeting?
Almost anytime would be OK for me
2. How many times a month would you like to meet?

one to start off with
3. Would you like it in a set place, or would you be amenable to a temporary (6 months or so), rotating schedule of meeting places?
That sounds good.
4. How would you feel about having our guild meetings at a Wednesday or Sunday fighter practice? 
OK but I will have to get permission to come.
5. What direction would you like to see the Bardic Guild take in the next year?
I would like it to be an introduction to new people and people new to the bardic arts. I think it was too serious before. I would like it to provide simple song books and just get people's feet wet I would also like to see some "bardic events" like a tavern in someones back yard to get people used to performing in a SCA situations. 

I also would like the guild to interact with the B&B and do some things to bring some  good entertainment to our events. 

6. What classes would you like to see happen in the next year?
I would like people from other places to come and teach. There is a lady from An Tir who taught Norse bardic Arts at Candlemas. I would like her and Master Ulf and Lord Uriah. It is cheaper for us to bring someone down than it is to for all of us to go to them. 

8. How do you feel about monthly, bimonthly or quarterly Bardic challenges?
I have no idea.
9. How do you feel about the name Elfsea Bardic Guild?  Keeping it? 
Sounds good to me.

10. What has the Guild done in the past that has worked? Hasn't worked? Any other suggestions? 
What has the Guild done. People got together but it was focused on winning A&S and contests. I think that was just too intense. 

They didn't wear costume. I didn't like that. Most of the time I believe guilds and officer meetings are OFF STAGE and we are just regular folks getting together to learn or work the pins and needles of the SCA out but Bardic is different. You perform in costume and I think you should practice in costume because yours costumes can get in the way of performing. I think you should practice in situations similar to your performance situations. 

Please do not think I wish to make massive changes immediately. I just want to get a feel for how you all feel about the guild and what you want to see happen in the next year as we gear up the Guild again. 

Right now the Elfsea guild is not doing much. Elfsea Bards are doing a lot. The First Friday get togethers at Tarkus are lots of fun  and Elfsea Bards are doing very well at getting titles all over. In Elfsea proper their has been little for the Bard/performer to do and not much encouragement.  One of our big problems has been lack of audiences and in the area "central" there were people who actually discouraged  performances outside of set contest times. 

For many people the fires at night and the bards/performers interacting with the populace is part major part of "the Dream". If the Elfsea Bardic guild could support and encourage performing and performing agendas some of us would have more fun.

Lanphier Taylor
willow de wisp   
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