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Sun Feb 17 15:21:03 PST 2008

To the Bards of the known world.
My Lord Husband His Grace, Master Jonathan de Lauyfson will be celebrating 30 years as a member of the Chivalry This Spring Tourney.

In Honor of this event we will be sponsoring a Revel Saturday night at Crown. I know that Crown is usually a day trip activity but the campsite is lovely and the schedule is not filled. There is lots of room in the evening to do things. The Crown and the Heirs and officers are busy but the rest of us can play. 

I will be hosting a late night Bardic on Friday night and After Revel Bardic on Sunday night. 

I will be giving out lots of Largess and hopefully will have refreshment. 

I am looking for pieces on The Chivalry and about the values of Knighthood. Attached you will find a doc with some of the codes of Knighthood. 

His Grace takes his Oath of Chivalry very serious. He was a knight before he was a Master and while he gave up his fealty he never forswore his Oath of Chivalry. He would really appreciated if you could come up with pieces that taught the general populace what the Code of Chivalry was. Hint Hint. I would be thankful. 

Also we would love pieces that spot light Masters of Arms. 

Thank you
Duchess Willow de Wisp

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