[Elfsea] Sail Homeschool Demo, March 29, 2008- teachers/artisans needed ( pardon the bandwidth)

Wilkerson, Glen D glen.d.wilkerson at lmco.com
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Would you like the Gonzo Travelling Show-And-Tell Sword Collection set
up as a static display or done in a class setting?


I could probably come up with a history of weapons combined with a
cutting demonstration.





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Greetings unto the lists,


After our planning meeting last night, it was decided that we will have
an SCA101 class in the morning, followed by a brief court and lunch,
with classes, free form arts demos and fighting to take place after


We can hold up to 12 classes ( 3 per hour) during the afternoon, each in
it's own pavillion. 


If you are able to teach a class, please send me the following
information asap.


the time slot you would like to schedule for ( 1st and 2nd choice) , how
many you are comfortable teaching, any supplies the students can bring
themselves or cost of classs/donations, how long you class will take,
any age restrictions for the class.


While we understand that some people are not comfortable working with
small children, we would like to offer a variety of classes to attract
all ages.


Some suggestions are: Basic  drop spinning, basic blackwork embroidery,
fletching, basic weaving, calligraphy, dance, foods in period.


We have the following:


Making a scroll

Heraldry Basics

Basic herbalism

Court Dance

Finger loop weaving

Kumihimo (sp?) weaving

Making boffer weapons

The art of Bocce

Middle Eastern Dance

Throwing and Handbuilding pots



We also need artisans with static displays, who are willing to just
"demo" an art in free form  displays rather than set classes.


As we will be printing handouts as well as putting the information in
both the Steppes letter, on the website and in the SAIL newsletter, I
need the information asap, preferably before 2/25/08, and an idea of
approxmatley how many people we will have participating as SAIL is being
kind enough to provide us with lunch.



Rebbe Hadassah Sarai bas Yossi

Dragon's Laire Ceramics
"dragon's breath to fire our kilns" 

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