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Here are the notes for this month's meeting.  It's a
long post, but the populous might want to read the
B&B's part at the end.

In Service,

Elfsea Business Meeting – Feb. 18, 2008
@ Pyro & Caelin’s house

Seneschal – Ascelyn absent due to work.  Meeting ran
by her new deputy, Morgan MacKinna

Two offices were filled – Chronicler is now Ealasaid
Mac al'Bhaird (al AERYN)
& Herald is now Cathal, who is fairly new to the

Seneschal office will be open for bids starting in
May.  Ascelyn’s warrant is up in July.

Crown Tournament:  Furgas, autocrat
Site will be at Bendbrook Lake.  Got it for free. 
Is primitive, so people will need to bring in water,
but it is large and nice. 
Need Coordinators & volunteers for: Set up, Tear down,
Gate will open at 4 pm on Friday, site open until noon
on Sunday.
Will be asking crown and landed barons for their space

Site Tokens – Sir Tomas working on them.  He needs
lead free pewter to make them.  Any donations of old
site tokens people don’t want anymore are appreciated.
 The will be done prior to Gulf Wars.

Next site for business meeting – possibly HL Elspeth
de Stervlen &  HL Gerhart Wolfgang der Rote’s house

Officers’ Reports-

Treasurer – Have money.  End of Year was turned in on
time.  End of month is almost done, waiting on bank
statement.  Need to change signatures on bank card.

Chamberlain – Have stuff.  Inventory will be before

Knight Marshal – Not in attendance, did not send
Archery Marshal - Not in attendance, did not send
Chirurgeon – Not in attendance, no accidents or
injuries to report

A&S – Last month went well, 9 people in attendance for
nailbinding.  Tomorrow will have work night to put
together gifts for Gulf Wars. Warrant is up in July. 
  Kingdom A&S – Elfsea Rocked.
4 of 5 artisans walked away with a pilgrim’s badge. 
One champion (Amaline) & two alternates (Aelfwyn and
Hanna) are from Elfsea.  Think we were the barony with
the most number of entries and close to the most
honored, but not sure. 

  Scribal Guild – New Head, Elspeth de Stervlen
First meeting had 4 in attendance and scrolls were
turned in. 
  Bardic Guild – Elanor O’Ruak is trying to get it
started again.  Generating interest and working on
fixing a calendar date.

  Cooks’ Guild – Caelin on Andrede is planning a
meeting in the next month

Chronicler -  NEED Reports in. Due Feb. 19, drop dead
by Saturday Feb. 23.  
Some officers have sent in reports, but so have the
Have a few photographers, but need permission forms
signed and sent in.
Working out kinks in the system so people can enroll
for newsletter.
Baroness printing copies to send to the kingdom

Herald – New Herald – Lord Cathal
Just taken over, getting up to speed, will be
collecting herald library and reports shortly. 

Rapier Marshal – Reports are posted and sent to all
the proper people.
Tournament for Spring Fair is set and will be the
marshal of record, Dirk will be field marshal
Attended the private practice HL Rixende hosted on
Sunday, let her speak more about it. 

Rixende: 19 people there, 12 in armor including one
newcomer and 9 people from Steppes. 
Hosted it as a private practice to see how the format
will work, will also be moving it around to find the
best location for the highest number of people.
  Suggest trying to combine Sunday practice with
Steppes, to draw a higher number of people.  There is
a successful precedent between Stargate & Loch
Soilleir of this type of joining.  Baroness Katheryn
and B&B are supportive of idea, but want to know what
the fighters think.

She is Very concerned about appearing “Separatist” by
having a light fighter practice at the same time as a
heavy.  She is trying to find a solution to a problem.
 Not enough people are coming to fighter practice, so
trying to see if a new location and format might help.
   Hope is the heavy fighters might want to practice
at the new locations. 

Spring Fair Autocrat –
Moving smoothly along.  Web site is up and connected
to the calendar - Looks good.
Still need Gate Coordinator but some volunteers have
come forward for other posts.
Site will pick up trash if it is inside large
contractor bags.
Archery will be an IKAC tournament, also a fund raiser
shoot and children’s shoot.
A&S competition will be under Big Blue
Her Majesty should be there for Guardian of the
At Crown will extend an invitation to the Princess for
a Cadet tea, but that will depend upon her choice. 
Need format for King of Fools & Heavy tournament. 
Also might need to borrow tents from the populous for
certain activities. 

Baron & Baroness –
Planning Lots of travel, but people need to remember
to play nice, even when tired.  
Try to encourage new comers, talk to them and ask them
to help.  People often don’t know they can help or how
to volunteer, but being asked to help makes them
happy.   So don’t be shy and help out those who might

Need award recommendations!  Upcoming events: Crown,
Dragonsfire Tor and Spring Fair.
Keystone meeting will be called soon.  B&B plan to
only use Defender to make new Keystones, but need to
talk to the Keystones before then.

Need to ask Finical committee and populous about
giving more than 50% of profits from Crown to the
Kingdom.  Since the Kingdom is bleeding money, any
extra income is welcome.  Lets try to generate ideas
for fund raiser.  

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