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Brandon McDermott brandonsmcd at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 20 09:27:08 PST 2008

I would like to hear from our Hospitaler and all of the fighters that regularly attend our Sunday practice on this matter. I think the larger the practice the better, however location and jurisdiction are a concern to me. I would also like to keep our weekend practice in ONE location every week. There was a great deal of confusion when we were moving it around. Most of the Baronies I have traveled to have their practice on a weekday, much like our Wed. night practice in Bedford, as to not interfere with eventing. Therefore, I do not believe that Elfsea would loose her presence in her own or any other lands, rather our "presence" would be felt in others. In short I think combining the talent pools of two great Baronies would prove fruitful for all.
Lord Lochlan Dunn
Knight Marshal Elfsea

This of course would have to be discussed with the B&B's and the Steppes Knight Marshal before any thing could be made official. 

Morgan Mckenzie <vonmorgarten at yahoo.com> wrote:   I'm glad that the Rapier community had such a good turn out at the joint practice. I think combining Steppes and Elfsea into a joint practice would be good for both baronies. However, I feel one joint practice a month might be better. I do not want Elfsea to lose its presence in its own lands. 

Rapier Marshal ? Reports are posted and sent to all
the proper people.
Tournament for  Spring Fair is set and will be the
marshal of record, Dirk will be field marshal
Attended the private practice HL Rixende hosted on
Sunday, let her speak more about it. 

Rixende: 19 people there, 12 in armor including one
newcomer and 9 people from Steppes. 
Hosted it as a private practice to see how the format
will work, will also be moving it around to find the
best location for the highest number of people.
Suggest trying to combine Sunday practice with
Steppes, to draw a higher number of people. There is
a successful precedent between Stargate & Loch
Soilleir of this type of joining. Baroness Katheryn
and B&B are supportive of idea, but want to know what
the fighters think.

She is Very concerned about appearing ?Separatist? by
having a light fighter practice at the same time as a
heavy. She is trying to find a solution to a problem.
Not enough people are coming to fighter practice, so
trying to  see if a new location and format might help.
Hope is the heavy fighters might want to practice
at the new locations. 

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