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I think the novelty issue is indeed a major one. If you set up a test
practice in a new location and promise a bunch of different fighters will be
there, then people will make whatever adjustments they need to make to get
there. If you did it again next weekend, then you would get about 2/3 of the
fighter count. Next time about 1/2, etc. As attendance drops so does the
main reason for going.

On the other hand, the site Rixende (the spell checker wants to change her
name to Ripened - gotta love the spell checkers on SCA documents) chose for
her test practice is not really any farther than our regular site for most
of the fighters in our group. If that is true for you also, then one of the
objections is not a problem here. The Euless site we used for the last
official joint practice (I think you may have set that one up) was another
good site that was just barely in our Barony, but not too far for many in
your area.

In service,
Caelin on Andrede

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I speak in this instance for nobody but myself, just wanted to give you a 
few thoughts.

A few years back when HE Daire and I were the respective KM's of these two 
Baronies, we thought and researched on this subject a great deal, and looked

at a lot of parks in the 380 area trying to find something kind of in the 
middle for such an endevor.

We also probably held more than an average number of joint practices, trying

to alternate between the two baronies on a monthly basis.

It worked occasionally, but not exceptionally well.  What happened was on 
the "travel" weeks, each barony would have about 1/2 of their regular 
fighters simply not make the trek to the "other side" so the joint practice 
wasn't really exceptionally larger.  I think the familiarity of having it 
made it less desirable, but that's mere speculation on my part.

I think joint practices are fantastic, and I'd LOVE to have 20 or more 
people to fight every week.  But the metroplex is so large that I think if 
we try to get a joint practice too regularily, we'll just cause a fair 
number of fighters to go to less practices a month.

In my opinion, and it's opinion only, the best solution for joint practices 
is 4-6 joint practices a YEAR, scheduled well in advance, avoiding the worst

months like December.

We know from our recent experience of the regional pracitce that these are 
fairly popular and can be well attended.  I think the key is to do them at 
good times, and not let them get too pedestrian....until the get the 
transport tubes installed.  Then NO EXCUSES FOR MISSING PRACTICE!  :)

Again, just my thoughts, and I'll support whatever our Baronies decide to 
try, and I'll do my level best to make it work.

Sir Morgan

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> I would like to hear from our Hospitaler and all of the fighters that 
> regularly attend our Sunday practice on this matter. I think the larger 
> the practice the better, however location and jurisdiction are a concern 
> to me. I would also like to keep our weekend practice in ONE location 
> every week. There was a great deal of confusion when we were moving it 
> around. Most of the Baronies I have traveled to have their practice on a 
> weekday, much like our Wed. night practice in Bedford, as to not interfere

> with eventing. Therefore, I do not believe that Elfsea would loose her 
> presence in her own or any other lands, rather our "presence" would be 
> felt in others. In short I think combining the talent pools of two great 
> Baronies would prove fruitful for all.
> Gramercy,
> Lord Lochlan Dunn
> Knight Marshal Elfsea
> P.S.
> This of course would have to be discussed with the B&B's and the Steppes 
> Knight Marshal before any thing could be made official. 

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