[Elfsea] Crown Tournament profits

Richard Threlkeld rjt at softwareinnovation.com
Thu Feb 21 20:17:51 PST 2008

It is a bit early to talk of profits perhaps, but I'd like to publish a
proposal from our B&B and the officers of the Barony. First, we have the
honor to host the next Crown Tournament to let Aaron and Vanessa's heirs
prove themselves. Under the current Kingdom law, we are required to split
the proceeds with the Kingdom on a 50/50 basis. Crown Tournament rarely
generates a large profit, but it is usually profitable. The Kingdom needs
the money more than we do (see the Tidings Exchequer report for more
information about our status and that of the Kingdom).


So.. The B&B and the officers decided to put before you, the people of
Elfsea, a proposal to give all the profits from our Crown Tournament to the
Kingdom. This would be good for the Kingdom and show the greatness of


Please consider this and be prepared to express your opinions at Moot next


In service to Elfsea, Ansteorra, and her Crown,

Caelin on Andrede

Elfsea Exchequer

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