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I have no idea if our B&B need Largess or wants it but I put together this list and I hope it might give people future idess.

Dear People
 I do not know if you have thought of this but one of the duties of the petite nobility i.e.: Lords and Ladies, is to support our “ruling” nobles. All nobility are supposed to give out Largess. This is doubly true for ruling Baron and Baroness and Kings and Queens. 

Part of our personas is giving our nobles gifts so they can give them back out. This is how the Courtly Game is played. Just before Gulf War and big events are times when Territory nobles need things and I hope this list will inspire you.
Remember your territory B&B might like Baskets to give as gifts as much as your King and Queen 

Here is a list of things you might want to give your local and kingdom nobles. 
I combined list off Stefan's Florilegiu   http://www.florilegium.org I have added ideas of my own. If anyone has any good ideas please send them to me to add to list 

Note cards with medieval designs or local or kingdom ensign on it or sometime that suggest the group
Table linens  
Feast ware/candlesticks/other table ware
Handmade or bought candles
SCA-style costume jewelry
Pins with local group’s ensign or Kingdom ensign
Scented bath salts, home-made herbal bruise salve, home-made herbal oils, home-made herbal soaps
Peacock or other feathers
Lots and lots of chocolate, candy coins are great
Handkerchiefs with a painted or needle work symbols on them
Engraved glass items with medieval designs and mottos
Platters and plates and bowls with designs that reflect local or Kingdom groups or jobs Herald’s trumpets or bardic harps or 
Belt pouches in kingdom or local groups colors (filled with "gold" chocolate coins) these were called Alms bags and are period. Embroidered pouches
Leather pouches are also good
Period looking Bottles but please remember officially we can not give out alcohol
Matching ceramic mugs 
Candle holders (IF you like to wood burn or painting you can find wooden ones at craft stores 
Quartz crystals
A small mirror
Book cover
Books that heralds or bards can put their papers in and read from. These can be made by getting a handsome book cover at a thrift store and decorating it. 
Hand-made bone needles last LPT) 
Viking random bead necklaces 
Sword-length staves of rattan or better yet spear length
Inkle loom 
Two, three, four or more hand-made lampworked glass beads
Actual medieval coinage, one of two coins gifted
A full place setting of basic wood and pewter feastgear
Hand-carved horn or wooden spoon
A small dagger with wood burned-decoration on the handle 
A hat
Feast gear
Artificial sinew
Gauche set - a few tubes
Oil set - a few tubes
Egg tempera set - a few tubes
Enamel paint set (enameling guild) - a few tubes
Medieval looking glasses to paint or engrave especially if they have covers. 
Paint brushes
Linoleum blocks for block printing
Lucent for Lucent cord making
Drop spindle and wool
Wool or silk floss and needles
Embroidery hoops
Embroidery scissors
Strings of pearls or semiprecious stones (yes, they can be found for
   under $10)
Mortar and Pestle
Medieval/Renaissance Patterns (If you want to make it seem to be a period gift make a decorated period folder to put them in) 
Length of rattan
Couple rolls of tape (make it a set 1 roll of each, fiberglass strapping
  tape, duct tape, black electrical tape)
Belt blank
Set of belts (for armor, belts, etc.)
Good paper for illumination
A feast basket
Pair of good scissors 
A pair of period looking scissors .Many Asian grocery stores have them
Medieval games (dice, cards, mancala (Walmart has this)) (Thrift store sometimes have nice sets. Glass sets are period. You can wood burn or paint a nice board on wood. 
Brick of Beeswax

Little boxes
Wooden comb

Other things I have found useful is anything that starts someone off on a new craft or Art. Anything that opens someone eyes to the wonder of History. Something a persona can use i.e.: Norse drinking bowl, 

Things period nobles gave out
Ginger bread cookies Queen Elizabeth
Fancy spoons 
Salt cellars. 
Glass items 
Glass rings 
Rings in general 
Early Period Arm bands 
Cloaks (light dress cloaks are fun. 
Candies (good to put in the boxes)
Golden sash and silken girdle, and samite, and other exotic goods to Peter of Bois 

One of my favorite things that Kings received in period are polar bears and elephants. 


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