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If you have a way to get it to them once they get into their new place, we
have a couch that they can have. Please let me know if this will be helpful.

Rixende and Tomas

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> Here is what we know so far.
> At approx.  0810 on Tuesday morning an electrical source (probably a short
> in a wire) in the attic of the adjoining apartment started a fire in the
> insulation.  The two apartments share a wall between the two larger bedroom,
> with the bathroom and smaller bedroom next to the large bedroom.  Followed
> by a dining room with kitchen and living room at opposite end of the unit.
> Current speculation is that the fire started above the neighbors bath and
> progressed west to Leo and TJs unit.  The large bed room, (Leo and TJ's) the
> ceiling burned though to their room and the ceiling collapsed on their bed,
> mattresses smoldered and all furniture being mostly wood was either soak
> with water, or collapsed under the weight of the roof, insulation, and
> ceiling and tons of water.  Their clothes in their closet were covered with
> ash, insulation, and water.  The wall between the bedroom and the bathroom
> collapsed under the weight of the roof falling. The wall between the girls
> room and the parents room is gone.  The girls mattresses smoldered and are
> saturated with water and covered with insulation and debris.  The girls bunk
> bed frame is metal with a twin mattress on top and full size on bottom and
> looks like it might be recoverable. They were able to grab most of the girls
> clothes out of the closet, and most of the pictures on the wall before the
> firemen made them get out because the ceiling was letting loose.  The
> dinning was set up as a kinda office.  They lost two computers and kitchen
> table and chairs. There is ashes, insulation, debris and water on both
> computers. Table and chairs damaged form the weight of the falling debris.
> The wall between the girls room and the living room was knocked out by the
> fire men trying to get to the flames.  They lost both couches, entertainment
> systems (Nintendo dsl, DVD player, stereo, TV, a ton of movies and
> games.  In the Kitchen the damage was mostly smoke and water damage which
> probably would have been salvageable, dishes, pots and pans, tend to
> tolerate heat and the ceiling was still in tact.  However, about 2p this
> afternoon, the embers flared back up and that was over the kitchen.  With
> the weight of the falling ceiling debris, dishes, and water soaked
> insulation, the cabinets fell off the wall.  So they may be no longer be
> usable.  The washer and dryer being at the farther end of the apartment may
> be salvageable.   The fire Marshall's office has restricted access to either
> side of the duplex until Friday to insure that the debris has stabilized and
> there are no more hot pockets of embers.
> Here is what we know they got out as well as the items that may be
> salvageable.
> Leo, TJ, Gracie, Katie, and puppy Peanut have no injuries.  The girls have
> mostly PJ's, outer clothes, some socks and under ware, most of the pictures
> on the wall, most of their routine medications.  The girls bunk bed
> frame looks good.  Maybe a few dishes that survived getting knock out of
> cabinets, if the ceiling and wall falling on top didn't brake it all.  The
> washer and dryer if the water didn't ruin them and if the potentially
> crumbling ceiling doesn't crush them they should be okay.
>  They will be staying with TJ's sister, Sharon.  They are on an emergency
> shelter list that should put them into a 3 Bedroom apartment in the same
> complex, just across from the one that burned.  It will probably be cleaned
> and ready to move in next week.
> They will need to get furniture, clothes for Leo and TJ, shoes for all,
> restock their groceries, toiletries, towels, sheets, blankets, pillows,
> possible dishes, pots, and pans.  A bed frame for the parents, mattresses
> for all beds.
>   Leo: Pants are 34 by 36               TJ: pants size 12-14       Gracie
> is 7, wears a shoe size
>           Shirts M to L                            shirts L to
> XL                      of 2-3
>           Shoes 91/2                               shoes 8 or 81/2
> Katie is 5 and is shoe size
> 101/2 - 11
> I will be at Wednesday fighter practice, and on Sunday if you want to
> bring stuff to me.  We will be going back to Olney Thursday to take them
> some more things.
> I will try to keep you posted.  Thanks for all your prayers and support.
> Adelaide
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