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OK, I've gotten enough questions about the rates for tickets and the 

schedules that I'm posting the rate information, and reposting the
updated schedule.


Single day passes are $15, full-convention passes are $25. If you have

blue or white SCA MEMBERSHIP CARD, you will get a $5 discount off of

pass. Black Star labels, newsletters, etc, are not acceptable proof of

for the convention staff. They WILL be checking expiration dates, as
well. We 

are the ONLY group that they are giving a discount to, so please be

when you buy your ticket and treat the staff with courtesy for this very

benefit. There will be a Convention member who is also SCA who will be

the checkin at the ticket booth.


Those of you who are getting passes for participation from me will be 

contacted privately. I will have all the passes, and will locate myself
or a 

designated replacement where you can pick them up. There will be space
to put in your 

SCA or mundane name, whichever you prefer. Unless you are bringing A&S

display, or fighting gear, or materials for a demo, please limit the
amount of 

"stuff" you bring. Our booth is only 8x8, with some additional space for

storage, and we have use of the demo rooms ONLY during the times of our
demos, so 

that we may not use them for storage.




Setup on Friday starts at 11a.m. The vendor room opens for business at 3

p.m., and the booth must be ready and staffed by that time. The doors
close at 10 


Our first demo is at 6 p.m., which will be an overview of "Life in the

Middle Ages". At this time, it looks as if I will be presenting this

Our first fighting demo is at 7 p.m. and basically goes until nobody is 

willing to fight anymore or until 2 a.m. I'm still waiting for

volunteers for this demo, although I know a few people attending the
convention for the 

entire weekend were planning on participating.


Doors open on Saturday to the vendor room at 9 a.m. for vendors ONLY. We

come in and get the booth ready again, and the doors open to the
convention in 

general at 11 a.m. They close at 6 p.m. to the convention public.

Our first demo is at 10 a.m. I do not yet have a decision on this demo.

Our first fighting demo is at 11 a.m. with HRM Aaron opening a

in the Chinaberry Room, and will continue until 4 p.m.

Our next demo is at 2 p.m., and will feature Her Grace Willow de Wisp on

Bardcraft, It's History and Place in Society

Our last demo of the day is at 6 p.m. and will feature Her Grace Valeria

teaching and showing Medieval Games.


Doors open on Sunday to the vendor room at 9 a.m. again, for vendors

Again the convention in general will be allowed in at 11 a.m. Doors will

for tear down at 4 p.m.

Our first demo is a fighting demo at 10 a.m. - noon. Because fighters
will be 

leaving for Gulf War, I'm hoping we can still manage to field both heavy

light fighters at this demo.

Our last demo is going to be at 1 p.m., and is a Fashion Show of Period 

Costumes, both men and women -- I hope! We have the main stage, and I
would love to 

see some of our gorgeous court costumes come out and be seen. this

both early and late period costumes, too. We will need a commentator who
is not 

modeling their costume on stage, as well.


If someone would please bounce this missive to the Elfsea and Glaslyn

I would appreciate it.


I wish to express my appreciation to everyone who has volunteered to
come out 

and participate. We had such a good time last year that I am hoping that

year will continue in Faelan's excellent footsteps.


I know I'm forgetting something -- I always do, even though I used to be

known a Listmaker!


HL Saqra





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