[Elfsea] A Day of Lectures on Medieval Dress- Robin Netherton at Marquette University

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>A Day of Lectures on Medieval Dress
>Robin Netherton is a researcher specializing in Western European 
>dress of the Middle Ages. Since 1982, she has given lectures and 
>workshops on medieval clothing for academic audiences, historical 
>societies, reenactment groups, and other organizations. An 
>experienced costumer as well as an academic researcher, she 
>addresses both the practical aspects of medieval clothing 
>construction and the significance of costume in history, art, and 
>literature. Her lectures emphasize approaches for researching 
>medieval dress and ways to avoid common myths and mistakes.

Honestly, Robin has told me that she will go to any area if there is 
enough interest.  She's lectured all over the states.  Thus, if we 
want her to come here, we simply need to get up a large enough 
group.  One of the things she teaches is how to create your own 
gothic fitted dress.  She does a full day's workshop on just that, 
with people ending up with a pattern for a dress at the end of it.

Maggie MacPherson 
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