[Elfsea] First time Gulf War ideas about garb

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If you are going to Gulf War I am sure you have been told to pack for all weather. This is probably freaking you out. I have a little secret for you. Plan to wear layers. If you wear two under dresses or wear tights or sweat pants under your dress or tunic you can be warm in very chilly weather. Layers are good because you can take them off if it get hot. Wearing two tunics is period. They Layered

Also see if you can find some thermal silks. These are very light garments made with in poly silk material that will keep you very toasty in all kinds for weather. I was given mine so I don't know where you buy them  They don't add weight and bulk and allows me not to hide my nice costumes. 

Another thing that is quite useful is a hood especially if you make it out of something that is water tight. Hoods with a mantle are very useful to put up tents and to handle work at the camp. 

I used rain coat material and made me a watertight light cloak to go along with my hood. The coldest thing at Gulf War is wet wind and a light watertight half circle cloak over your other clothes really can make a difference. 

If you don't have time to fashion a half circle cloak please remember that for most early period cloaks were a rectangle of heavy fabric pinned at the shoulder. Of course being Scottish lengths of wool is my answer to everything. 

Willow de Wisp 
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