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Howdy again All,
Sorry to keep the SPAM up, but I thought you all would want to know who is
on the list and whether or not you will be getting feast...
Direct from ACCEPS, there have been "adult feast is 20, child feast is 3"
Ta Da!!! Everyone on the list below gets feast and more will be available at
I will continue to keep updating the list, but will no longer post it as
there are still about 70 feast reservations still available. If I do get a
rush and it goes over, I will inform you personally that you are on a
waiting list.
12th night feast reservation list

1.	Morgan Buchannon
2.	Ciannit Cambuel
3.	Jaque the Spink
4.	Isobel ? (Elizabeth Houser)
5.	Emma (Esther)
6.	Emma (Esther) (guest)
7.	Bevelaqua, (Niki Baker)
8.	The Rooster (Jonathon MacKenzie)
9.	Marguerite (Leah Patton)
10.	Viviana Roundtree?
11.	Regan Caimbeul
12.	Faelan Caimbeul
13.	Rhiannon (Deborah Wade)
14.	Rhiannon (Deborah Wade) (Guest 1)
15.	Rhiannon (Deborah Wade) (Guest 2)
16.	Rhiannon (Deborah Wade) (Guest 3)
17.	Uilliam Roisendubh
18.	Kaitlan Roisendubh
19.	Colin MacNachtan
20.	Isabella of Bryn Gwlad
21.	Lyneya de Grey
22.	Lasguaard Aglannar
23.	Vyolante de Oporto
24.	Ingve of Yorvik
25.	Vyvyanne Fox (m.k.a. Athena Peters)
26.	Sean au Lochlainn (m.k.a. Sean Stephens)
27.	Robin of Gilwell
28.	Serena Lascelles
29.	Maili Donnel MacGregor
30.	Alvin de Clairmont
31.	Richard Nine Fingers
32.	Emily MacGregor
33.	Cathal Finn O'Briain
34.	Genevieve de Lironcourt
35.	Fritz der Rothirsch
36.	Catrin FitzMorgan
37.	Britney der Rothirsch
38.	Enoch Crandall MacCrannon
39.	Thorkel Magnussen
40.	Kalida Aristana
41.	Saqra al-Kudsi
42.	Duncan Hepburn
43.	Genevieve de Courtanvaux
44.	Suzanna the Herbalist
45.	Agilwulf the Loud
46.	Liz Wilson
47.	Liz Wilson (Adult Guest)
48.	Liz Wilson (Child Guest)
49.	Liz Wilson (Child Guest)
50.	Damon of Northkeep
51.	Ismet of Northkeep
52.	Chiara Francesca
53.	Duncan (new comer)
54.	William Black Dragon
55.	Alaric Greythorne
56.	Ekaterina Iadorovna Kharlampieva
57.	Caitrina (Tamara)
58.	Caitrina (Tamara) (Guest 1)
59.	Caitrina (Tamara) (Guest 2)
60.	Caitrina (Tamara) (Guest 3)
61.	Caitrina (Tamara) (Guest 4)
62.	Robert MacPharland
63.	James Hamilton
64.	John (Shona's Husband)
65.	Annwn (Shona Haskins)
66.	Arabella de Montacute
67.	Roger de Cornwall
68.	Uilliacc Macuilliecc




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