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Greetings and Salutations Goode Gentles!
Passing of the Cloak competition will be tonight, January 4, 2008, at Kragenworth Keep.  The following are the criteria that Bree has decided on for the competition, in her words:
" I gave my reasoning for each of the criteria, so maybe it will make more sense why I chose them the way I did.  
1.  Perform something which hasn't been performed by you in any Bardic competition within the last 6 months.
  * Encourages doing something new.
2.  Theme it along the lines of "News".  
   * Bards were welcome throughout the year, but more so during the long cold months, particularly as the winter wore on and boredom and cabin fever set in.  News was most welcome at this time of the year.  So, tell of a recent war and the chivalry found on the field, or of a new fashion in court, of scandalous gossip (but not of people we really know <wink>...!), challenge us with period (or period-style) riddles, demonstrate a new dance, play an instrument which we haven't heard before or a new way to play on your favorite.  I hope I've given the idea.  
3.  Each piece should have some physical element to it.
    *  Movement is important in keeping everyone's attention: move about the fire ring while you grace us with your playing and your voice, making eye contact and interacting with us.  If, in your story, the bear is pulling something down from the tree, show us that.  If the dancers at court were graceful, let's see that, too.  If your Entertainment IS dance - let me have a front row seat!!  Historically, Bardic was not confined to Story, Song, and Poetry.  The Troupes performed Comedia D'el Arte with plays, riddles, slapstick, mime, acrobatics and political: satire, intrigue, news.   Movement was, in great part, vital to their success and subsequent reward of Largesse.  
So, while I really hadn't anticipated going on and on about this, I'd like to encourage everyone to challenge themselves just a bit: find something new, find something "newsy", and work some movement into the piece. "
Please bring your bardic material, a chair, your beverage of choice and food to share.  We meet at 6801 Beaty St, Fort Worth, 76112, at 7:30 PM, SCA time.
Directions:  take your best route to East Loop 820 and exit at Craig St. (1 exit South of Meadowbrook).  Go East on Craig to Hunter (5 or 6 blocks).  Go North on Hunter to the "T" intersection with Beaty.  We are the gray house at the NE corner of the "T".  If you get lost, call 817-492-9246 and we will guide you here.
In Service to the Dream,
Ld. Tarkus Pengriff and Ly. Gwenllian Brighid HertewelleLoch Ruadh Rocks!
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