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I stumbled across this a while back and in my opinion has little to do with
the SCA.  What it does show is the positive influence the Society, and
especially his Knight, has on this boys life and how it affects him
in the mundane world but for the most part talks about how much anger he has
for his dad who apparently left him and his mother right when he was born.
If your looking for "a teenagers life in the SCA", this isn't it, the bulk
of what I saw (at about 2/3s of it) is mostly about his mundane life.  All
in all, it's still worth watching.


On Jan 4, 2008 11:33 AM, neil starkey <raimonddemora at hotmail.com> wrote:

> This looks interesting to me, so I thought I would pass it along.  This is
> advertised on HBOFamily channel.  Below is the schedule taken from their
> website www.*hbofamily.com*/programs/*drakmar*.html<http://www.hbofamily.com/programs/drakmar.html>
> * <http://scheduleservlet/?ACTION_DETAIL=DETAIL&FOCUS_ID=635589>*Date/Time
> * <http://scheduleservlet/?ACTION_SORT=SORT&SORT=chron_desc>* *<http://scheduleservlet/?ACTION_SORT=SORT&SORT=chron_desc>
> *Channel* <http://scheduleservlet/?ACTION_SORT=SORT&SORT=channel> *Title*<http://scheduleservlet/?ACTION_SORT=SORT&SORT=alpha>
> *Rated* *Min* *Genre*
> 1/15 4:45 AM HBO FAMILY - EAST TVG 73 Family
> 1/15 7:45 AM HBO FAMILY -WEST TVG 73 Family
> 1/23 1:05 PM HBO FAMILY - EAST TVG 73 Family
> 1/23 4:05 PM HBO FAMILY - WEST TVG 73 Family
> 1/30 3:55 AM HBO FAMILY - EAST TVG 73 Family
> 1/30 6:55 AM HBO FAMILY - WEST TVG 73 Family
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