[Elfsea] practice

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Wed Jan 9 12:04:41 PST 2008

We are all the way in the back and I expect the parking across from the
rec center and between the rec center and the theatre will fill up
first.  If the back lot does fill up we can move around the corner to
one of the tennis courts.  


We'll just have to play it by ear...




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At a minimum it means tight parking.


Everything else is up to the marshal's to decide.



On Jan 9, 2008 1:15 PM, Dr. C. M. Helm-Clark Ph.D.
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what does a public meeting imply for the Park?  Tight parking
No practice?  Meeting elsewhere?  Meeting in another park of 
park?  Is there a number I can call to find out once we pull
in?  Given that there are cross winds picking up, we may be
slowed down substancially in getting into the area so we might
not even make it in time for practice or would be getting to 
the park on the late side.

I need to get back into the truck now and get back to driving.
See y'all this evening if there is a practice or see y'all at
coronation this weekend.


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