[Elfsea] practice (redux)

Dr. C. M. Helm-Clark Ph.D. cat at rocks4brains.com
Wed Jan 9 18:51:29 PST 2008

This really has not been the easiest of trips....so much so that the
spousal unit has been concocting verses to a bad country western song
called "road trip from hell" (be scared, be very very scared...)

We lost a tire on the RV outside of Abilene - then we got lost because
the freeway on-ramp was closed due to construction.  The upside is that
by the time we got back on the road, the nasty crosswind had died down
so we made much better time.  If I didn't know better, I might think
there was a conspiracy to keep us from getting here.  We just pulled
into our spot at the RV park and it's quarter of nine central time (I
keep forgetting we changed a time zone yesterday).  We be tired. We go
eat then we go fall down go boom. 

So what's the nearest good sushi place to Benbrook? We have raw fish on
the schedule for tomorrow night.

Yes, Crandall - we're going to try to get to coronation, barring anymore
vehicular adventures...

We'll try to catch up with folks in the morning.  It's been a really
long day.

Therasia von DrivingTooLongTotallyBrainDead

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