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In terms of Peers...from Corpora...

A. Patents Of Arms
1. General Requirements:
Candidates for any order conferring a Patent of Arms must meet the following
minimum criteria. Additional requirements may be set by law and custom of
the kingdoms as deemed appropriate and necessary by the Crown.
. They shall have been obedient to the governing documents of the Society
and the laws of the kingdom.
. They shall have consistently shown respect for the Crown of the kingdom.
. They shall have set an example of courteous and noble behavior suitable to
a peer of the realm.
. They shall have demonstrated support for the aims and ideals of the
Society by being as authentic in dress, equipment and behavior as is within
their power.
. They shall have shared their knowledge and skills with others.
. They shall have practiced hospitality according to their means and as
appropriate to the circumstances.

One can disagree and call the Crown out for not agreeing with them, but the
key is to be courteous and show at least modicum of respect.  

In fact doesn't everyone want the same thing.  To be treated with courtesy
and with a touch respect.  Common courtesy.

As I have said before, during my time as Kingdom Seneschal the West had
major issues.  They were warned numerous times by Nobles and Peers who
traveled to the west.  They were warned numerous times by the appropriate
chain of command (the Seneschallate) including the Regional Seneschal who
even went as far as addressing the issue at multiple occasions at Crescent
Wrench, the West's regional Red Tape.

A thought dawns on me. I fear that were so many come-to-Jesus talks with no
resulting suspensions and dissolutions that in large over the years folks
became desensitized to living in the danger zone.

It is sad.  But it may be time to look to the future.  What do I tell folks
who want to grow the SCA in a geographic area; form a nexus from which to
constitute a thriving group with energized members which is full of officer
candidates with the passion for the SCA.  Recruit at Colleges and paper the
city with approved SCA flyers of the type the Kingdom Hospitaler can share.

Modius, Lion
Kingdom Seneschal (Retired)

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<<It has also come to me by a third party that what I do in the  next week 
will decide if  I am banished. Part of being a Peer is telling  the truth
if it means you will die. This is what I feel about this action  of
the Western region.>>>
Your Grace Duchess Willow de Wisp,
Your words and what You risk to voice them humble me. We in the Western  
region have struggled for many years to overcome the "redheaded  stepchild"
we seem to have in regard to the rest of the Kingdom.  To have the utter 
support and love from the very first Queen of Ansteorra  amazes me. I don't
what the outcome will be but I can assure You that  we the Western Region
NOT go away, quietly into the night.
In Your Service,
Mistress Anna Mitrofanova
 Baroness Bonwicke

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