[Elfsea] sushi

Dr. C. M. Helm-Clark Ph.D. cat at rocks4brains.com
Thu Jan 10 08:59:50 PST 2008

On Wed, 2008-01-09 at 20:34 -0800, elfsea-request at lists.ansteorra.org
> Not to offend those who live in Benbrook, but why
> are you "Way Out West"? 

We're on the west side of everything since the place
with the job prospects for me in on this side of town.
Any house we bought would likely be over here. Our 
short term aim is to check out communities in the local
(west side of town) area. We have a hit list for 
everything from Azle to Benbrook.

I believe what we decided to do was to drive over
toward where Caelin lives this evening and do sushi
in the Arlington area.


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