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Howdy All,
Sorry to have forgotten these few:
Duke Miguel for his casting and directing of the entertainment we all
enjoyed as well as all those who performed. It was a great show
To Lady Lyneya and Sir Lasguaard for putting together an email list. I wish
I and others had used it more nad better. Maybe the next Event Team can make
use of it.
To Thomas the Younger from Elfsea, Son of Don Sebastian and Lady Adelaide,
and Alexander O'kelly from Glaslyn, Son of Sir Louis and Lady Colleen, for
being the vacuuming crew. It's great to see our youth step forward and make
such an impact!
And finally to Torquil and his lady Hadassah who took on the last minute job
of producing and stringing the site tokens and to Mast Robin of Gilwell for
delivering them to site. The tokens were beautiful.
Former 12th Night Event Steward


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