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Genie Barrett ladymaggie at justinanimator.com
Sun Jan 20 17:28:19 PST 2008

At 06:44 PM 1/20/2008, you wrote:
>Here is the please, help part.  I have a ton of fabric (I did have 
>some grand ideas and good intentions), as well as trim. I would like 
>to put together some mix and match pieces, with one nice 
>"court-a-fied" outfit for each boy.  I would like to work something 
>out with some one to do some sewing for me, and maybe further 
>instruct Anika in the art (she has had some sewing classes in school).
>We live in South Arlington and I work in West Fort Worth.
>If you would consider this someone, please(do I sound pity full 
>enough yet?) I would greatly appreciate it.. J

Lady Mariyan,

I would be very willing to help you out.  I ,sadly, live on the East 
side of Dallas.  I come out for Wednesday night practices, however, 
and could make something for your boys with a simple set of 
measurements.  If you are willing to bring the boys and fabric I can 
do it.  It may take a bit of time to get a large wardrobe, but I can 
get a few things together rather quickly.

Yours in Service,

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