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Where do you live?

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Excellant Idea! Let's plan a "sewing circle" soon. Anyone who is not planning on attending Queen's Champion this coming weekend? Perhaps we could plan something for Saturday? Elspeth, will you (and your home) be available this Saturday?
Meriyan, will you be in town on Saturday?

Have Sewing Machine Will Travel!



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I hear you and understand....While I am not one of the best seamstresses in the area, I can put together a mean tunic. (and some pretty nifty German garb).
I am willing to host a sewing circle at my house, if any are interested.  We will need experienced and the inexperienced, but it could be fun!! I have room to set up tables and sewing machines, and we can learn together!!
Please let me know if anyone wants to get together, and Lady Meriyan, give me a call.  We can work something out.
Lady Elspeth de Stervlen


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Help, please!
Most all of you know my darling Daughter, Anika.  Then a lot of you of her brother Wolfheart (the young archer), and many of you have heard me yelling for my youngest Mathieu.  Here is my dilemma, garb.  With the help of silent auctions at events, Anika has managed to get a decent wardrobe (as long as she remembers to bring it to events). However, the boys are in need of garb.  So far I have managed to trim out oversized t-shirts to use as tunics- it’s barely passable.  I have attempted to sew some for the boys—the most recent one I attempted for Wolfheart did not make it an entire event with out seams splitting.  Stuff I have sewn for me is just as bad (thank goodness for ye’o eBay).  One thing about the merchant e of the bay, not a lot of children’s garb.   I have come to the conclusion that I will not ever be a seamstress—I can tell you how the Raptors and Falcons in the air and on the ground are put together and all the specs of the newest flying dragon at the loch of the heed in merry old Fort Worth. However, do not put me behind a sewing machine, at least for the sake of my family’s modesty.
Here is the please, help part.  I have a ton of fabric (I did have some grand ideas and good intentions), as well as trim. I would like to put together some mix and match pieces, with one nice “court-a-fied” outfit for each boy.  I would like to work something out with some one to do some sewing for me, and maybe further instruct Anika in the art (she has had some sewing classes in school).  
We live in South Arlington and I work in West Fort Worth. 
If you would consider this someone, please(do I sound pity full enough yet?) I would greatly appreciate it.. J
My contact info is below:
Lady Meriyan der Grat
MKA Marilyn Wolffe
 <mailto:mmdswolffe at sbcglobal.net> mmdswolffe at sbcglobal.net   
 <mailto:Marilyn.awolffe at lmco.com> Marilyn.awolffe at lmco.com
Many Thanks,
Lady Meriyan


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