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Hello All,

 Below are the notes I took at the Business Meeting. 
It's a long post since attachments won't go to the
list.  Hope to see people at Moot on Monday.

In Service,
 HL Hanna von Dahl
 MoAS - Elfsea

Elfsea Business Meeting: Jan. 21, 2008

Elfsea got all thumbs up at Red Tape and several extra
Kudos from the greater officers of state.  The only
outstanding issue was from 12th Night, but it was
already being resolved.

Officer Reports:
Schenical is going last because of all the other
business from Red Tape

Treasurer – Have money, End of the Year reports are
all buy finished and will turned into the Kingdom
officer in time.  12th night made money.

Chamberlain – Have stuff, will have shed cleaning /
sorting day before Crown in April.

Hospitaler – All is good, but could really use a

Chronicler – New chronicler is Ayren.  Regional let
her know last week.  Need reports from the officers,
so far the Trolls have been busy.  Sunday before Moot
is the official release date of the Tidings.

Herald – Open for bids and have one so far.

Historian – Need a bid for office, B&B have all the

Knight Marshal – (Given via cell phone) Low turn out
the last month, weather is a factor and so is the lack
of Chivalry that has been in attendance. Will stay at
Veterans Park for the next 3-4 months.

Rapier Marshal – Not there, could not reach via phone 
HL Rixende gave report as the Central Regional Rapier
Marshal – will be having a Central regional Academy
for Rapier in October.  Need teachers and help
staffing the event.

Archery Marshal – New target faces are here.  Having a
problem fining a site to shoot. Need to get the IKAC
scores for Gulf Wars, some are planed for in the
Steppes area. B&B – can / will open their place for
practice if needed.

A&S – January’s class had a turn out of 9 for
nailbinding. Have placed official bid to become
Central Regional A&S, if get it will need to step
down. Still looking for someone to take over as
Scribal Guild leader.
February’s night will be a work night to get the Gulf
War gifts together.  
Discussed what the Elfsea gifts will be – will now
only be giving gifts to one kingdom – Atenveldt.
B&B decided on small largess items that the royals can
give out during their term. 

Minister of Children – Have a bid

Seneschal –
•	Demo Coordinator – NEED a bid - Two demos coming up
this year so far.  Encourages someone to work with
Caeida on the Highland games to learn how to run it. 
•	NEEDS copies of all reports sent to the Regionals.
•	All deputies and officers HAVE to have their
memberships current. If you have drop dead deputy,
they must be warrantable. 
•	Elfsea given props for being having a “viable”
officer core. (Offices are taken over by new people,
not just traded between the same five people. Was an
issue in the West and with several other groups.)
•	At Defender a new Member at Large for the Finical
committee will need to be chosen.
•	NO bids for Defender as of yet.  CLOSES Monday.
*Warning, if there are no bid the B&B will be
autocrats – this is not a good thing.*
•	All YOUTH marshals must be warranted and have had
the background check.
•	Groups must have Youth marshal to host any official
youth fighting events.

B&B – 
Want to have Passage of Arms / small baronial college
one weekend.  Might be at their house, because this
will be a small local even to choice a new baronial
guard.  Trying to have it for free, look for it in

Red Tape Summary – 
Kingdom is operating the in RED.  Trying to find ways
to operate more profitably.
   One thing Elfsea will do is pay for all its event
announcements, rather than use one of its free event

The Calendar in CHANGING. Now we will have crown
tourney two weeks after Coronation, so that there are
heirs for both Gulf War and Pennsic War. 

Spring Fair Autocrat –
Working with the B&B on Sunday to figure out the
Website is basic right now, but created, will be
linking it to the Kingdom calendar soon.
Theme is a Spring Fair, what to set it up like a real
Rapier Tournament will be Guardian of the Gauntlet, HL
Dirk the Just will be running it. Might draw the Queen
in that case.
A&S Championship will be one item made within the last
two years.

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