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willowjonbardc at juno.com willowjonbardc at juno.com
Sat Jan 26 16:05:53 PST 2008

Which Barony are you talking about. Steppes doesn't seem to have any problems with my ideas and I am often asked for help in other groups of the Kingdom.
I autocrated for 30 something years. I started autocrating when I was 21. In that time for the first 20 Years I autocrat a major event every year and usually did a small event also. A revel or a Court of Love or a little tourney. Then my sons came and I had to only do parts of events. Then I am afraid I had to lower my efforts to sponsoring an activity and teaching. I advise and teach autocrating to individuals all over the kingdom. 
I established most of the couresies and manners in the kingdom or I did the research that introduced most of the kingdom customs.
I have been active for all but the first 3 years of the Metro plex area history as a SCA group. I was the seneshale of Steppes that signed the first papers requesting that the group known as Elfsea come into being. I was the first Queen of Love and Beauty for both Steppes Elfsea. I was the first candidate for Baroness of Elfsea when the group put in for Barony status the first time. I was the first Pelican in the region that became know as Ansteorra. I was the fourth or fifth peer? I have been in the SCA for 39 years. 

As a mentor I have one really bad problem. I give people too much data but I am working on a hand signal that people can give that will tell me to cut off so I don't overwhelm them. 
I am sort of sick and really would like human company. Please ask people to get in touch with me. 
willow de wisp

PS please tell people that I only expect titles and stuff when I am in costume and at events. I believe that everyone is equal in the organization the SCA.  
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