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Forwarded with permission.

Most wonderous people of Elfsea

If anyone is available Saturday March 29th for our SAIL homeschool demo, we would appreciate your assistance if you are able to help.

My thanks
Baroness of the Steppes

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Dear Gentles,

You many have seen posts on the lists lately about the Homeschool Demo on
Saturday March 29th in McKinney.  And you may be wondering what all the hype
is about for a "school" demo.  Or wondering how this demo could possibly be
as good a use of time and resources as a gaming demo.  Since I am the
homeschooling mom who requested the demo, as well as a relatively new member
of the SCA, I wanted to share with you why I am so excited to do this.

First, this group of homeschoolers is not your typical homeschool group.
Many of you may be familiar with homeschooling groups in your area or know
people who are homeschooling.  Often these groups are, esp. here in Texas,
based on common religious reasons for homeschooling.  These are wonderful
groups and certainly meet the needs of those who join them.  However, my
homeschool group is different.  It is an all-inclusive group that brings
together homeschoolers who don't quite fit the normal mold of
homeschooling.  We have members from all religions (or no
religion)...Christian, Jew, Muslim, Pagan, etc.  We have families of all
sizes and colors...single parents, traditional two parent, same-gender
parents, mixed-race families, minority families, majority families, ranging
in size from one parent - one child to two parents - 8 children!  We are all
united in one thing...we homeschool  We homeschool in every way
imaginable...and accept that each family makes their own choice for what
works.  But being with other homeschoolers who share our passion for
learning at home is what holds us together.  It reminds me of the SCA!  We
all come from different backgrounds, ethnic and cultural roots, varying
economic brackets and geographical locations.  Our interests are widely
varied...from heavy fighting to archery to A&S...and yet we all join
together to play and learn.

Second, this event is a family event.  Twice a year, SAIL (the homeschool
group) holds a family picnic for its 99+ families (families, not children!)
When we do this demo, there will be Dads checking out the heavy fighting and
Moms looking at the Middle Eastern dancers and fiber arts.  We have teengers
and pre-teens, elementary age and preschoolers.  Unlike a demo for a girl or
boy scout troop, we have the opportunity to show what the SCA has to offer,
not just to a few individuals but to whole families with time and income for
a hobby like the SCA.

Third, SAIL and the SCA both share a love and passion of history!  Learning
new skills, trying period arts, living and playing in an environment rich
with history (our creative interpretation as well as historical research
done by members) is a huge draw for homeschooling families like those my
group.  Oh, and I should mention that our families are very service
oriented, volunteering in the community as well as within the homeschool
group.  Wouldn't they fit in nicely in the SCA?

Finally, I am so excited about this demo because it is the same kind of demo
that first introduced our family to the SCA.  Before moving to Texas, we had
the chance to attend a demo with our old homeschool group in the Phoenix, AZ
area.  It took two years and a move to Texas before the time was right for
us to start playing.  But it stuck in our minds and when we looked at ways
to get to know people in Texas, our first thought was to call the local
hospitalier here in the Steppes.  (Thank you, Baroness Kathryn, for
responding to that initial email back in 2006!)

I hope this demo will be a mutually satisfying endeavor for both of these
groups...SAIL and the SCA.  I am grateful to Her Excellency for her support
for this demo, as well as to Lady Elinor, HL Margarite, Rebbe Hadassah, Lady
Viviana, Vyolente and others for stepping forward to volunteer already.
More help is always appreciated!  If you are an artisan with skills to
share, a fighter with energy to fight, a bard with stories, a herald with
knowledge and voice, or a player with many yet-untapped talents, please
consider joining us for a day of fun!

Thank you for letting me share my excitement with you!

Klara :)
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