[Elfsea] BAM Steppes and Elfsea and Friends Encampment

Richard Threlkeld rjt at softwareinnovation.com
Sun Nov 16 17:49:44 PST 2008

One of those taverns is being run by me with profits to benefit Elfsea and
help offset the costs of the new pavilion. We will need help. We are
prepping some of the food in advance, but most will be prepped and cooked on
site. We will also need serving people and clean up people. If you can spare
a few hours please come and work. The food will be sold
first-come-first-served and we stop serving when the food runs out, but
workers will get food free if they work at least a 4 hour shift. 


Due to personal issues we currently expect to be set up by Thursday evening,
but there is some chance it will be Friday morning. Currently we are
expecting to serve breakfast Friday, Saturday, and (an abbreviated one) on
Sunday.  Lunch the same days. Two dinners (we will not compete with the pot
luck supper).


In service,

Caelin on Andrede


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Very nearly the last call for getting on the camp list!

Please let me know when you're arriving, how many are in your group, and the
ground size of your tent(s), what time you plan to arrive, and anything else
you think useful.

There will be no formal kitchen this year. The site is advertising three
taverns, and you are welcome to bring your own kitchen. For those who would
prefer not to haul a kitchen, there will be a basic do it yourself kitchen
provided: Stove, dishpans, pot, pan. If you fail to clean up after yourself,
your privileges for using it will be revoked.

Carpooling: If you want to carpool, and can offer a space, or wish a space,
sing out now.


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