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As someone who attended the demo, I would like to ask for three cheers to
Lady Elayne for her amazing work as Demo Coordinator for this event. I was
extremely impressed with how she rolled with many of the punches thrown at
us, both by the Boy Scouts and by Mother Nature. She did a fantastic job and
is to be highly commended.

My lady, I salute you!

Ever in service with a song and a smile,
Lady Eleanor Cleavely
taunter of Boy Scouts who think Her Excellency's chair is a lounge chair

On Sun, Nov 16, 2008 at 10:49 PM, Debbie Foster <ladyelayne at sbcglobal.net>wrote:

> Greetings Everyone,
>      A huge THANK YOU to all who participated in the Boy Scout Demo
> Saturday at the Texas Motor Speedway.  Mother Nature challenged us with
> strong winds and cold temperatures, but we all worked together and put up
> Big and Little Blue, Blue and White and Polydore's Viking tent.  The scouts
> saw heavy fighting, archery, our Baroness attended by her ladies sewing and
> working on various projects, and the early period encampment.  Needless to
> say, HL Polydore's wonderful hands on camp, was very popular.
>      Having no real knowledge of demo coordinating, thank you your
> Excellancies for giving me this opportunity.  Special thanks to Aeryn for
> the Solar and her Excellancy and ladies for assisting, his Excellancy and
> his fighters, Polydore for setting up a wonderful camp and all that helped
> him make it a success and Daniel with archers that came to assist. Caelin
> for use of his truck and trailer transporting all the big stuff.  Eleanor,
> Sebastian, Cassandra, Meriyan, Wolfart Mattieu, Anika, Alric, Fiona,
> Caterina, Padraig, Kas, Crandal, Elspeth Gerhart, Gavin, Justin Margie,
> Jaque, Aurelia, Mortagerten, Shannon, Cathal, Lassguard, Lyneya, you make
> this great.  Most of all thank you my husband Daniel for helping me to do
> this.
> In Service,
> Elayne O'Ceileachiar
> Demo Coordinator
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