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Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed Coronation last Saturday.  I
hope you all had a splendid time.  It was our pleasure and honor to plan
this event for Their Majesties, Gunthar II and Elizabeth.  Thank you for
putting your faith in us to coordinate this celebration for you

Decorations: HE Katheryn Cunningghamme and Lady Vivianna Rowntree

Load in: Lady Vivianna, Lord Will Merrick, Sir Morgan, Elec, Master Caelin,
Centurian Damon, Lady Megan, Sir Lasguaard, and Her Majesty for her support.

Load out: Lady Vivianna, Master Caelin, Sir Morgan, Elec, Master Cadfan, Sir

Set up crew on Friday night included Lady Megan, Lord Damon, Lady Layla,
Lord Richard, Lord John, Lord Will Merrick, Lady Vivianna, HE Katheryn,
Master Caelin, Sir Laasgard, the Site Manager Sandra, and Mistress Serena.

Set up Crew Saturday morning included many many people, and we know that we
are missing many individuals.  Your help was still greatly apprecated.
Those who come to mind are: HL Katya, Master Robin, HL Margarite, HL
Alasdair, HE Katheryn,  Lady Vivianna, Lord Wilhelm, and Lord Goldweard from
Bryn Gwlad., HE Francesca, Lord Will Merrick, Lord Dietrich, John Haskins,
John Taylor, Alexander, HE Crandal

>   Thank you to everyone who helped with transitioning the room between
court and feast and teardown.  It was an army of volunteers, and seemed to
go smoothly. All of your assistance made life easy.

Special thanks goes to Lady Elisabeth Pendarvis, our Feast Steward who
planned a flavorful feast that left us all stuffed, and satisfied, and to
her kitchen crew: Elec, Lady Layla, Lord Damon, HE Crandal, Mistress
Rhiannon, Rua, Don Dirk the Just.

Our pages John Taylor and Alexander

Gate of Course HL Emma for all her hard work on the Gate coordination also
Lord Will, Lady Megan, Lady Leneya, HL Alasdair, HL Katya, Lauren, and Beah.

HE Clair Shayhan for her help with the TCU students

HE Francesca for rounding up servers for feast, and to those helpful servers
who did a great job delivering the delicious dishes to our tables.

HE Sarah Penrose for help coordinating with TRM's.

Master Robin and Mistress Serena for help with many things through out the

Master Caelin and the Barony of Elfsea for helping with the luncheon that

Lady Klara and Christianna for coordinating Children's activities.

HG Vanessa for coordinating and taking care of the Roses Silent Auction.

Lord Dietrich for being on hand for basic seneschal needs, the website, and
picking up lunch!

And of Course HL Katya for all her help and mentoring for this event.

We know that there are people who may have been left off this list.  This
does not mean that your help was not appreciated.  Please accept our
apologies in advance, and know that we are grateful for everyone's
assistance. As they say, Many hands (definitely) make for light work.

   Thanks again to the Baronies of the Steppes and Elfsea, for without you
we could not have accomplished such a wonderful event.

Alianorra & Lady Regan

Event Stewards Coronation
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