[Elfsea] BAM Camp Penultimate Post -- Detailed, read carefully, pls

Emma Haldan emma.haldan at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 17:29:12 PST 2008

We pull the trigger on this friday evening by 8 pm, as the voyage to defend
the Honor of Ansteorra begins on Weds for our intrepid outriders.

SPACE -- It's going to be cramped, be prepared for very, VERY tight

WATER -- you MUST bring your own. It is recommended you bring a gallon per
day per person.

KITCHEN -- there will be no formal kitchen, but a small coleman stove will
be provided along with a basic pot and skillet and dishpan for those who
don't want to bring their own kitchen. If you abuse the privilege by leaving
the thing a mess, you lose the privilege. The small single Coleman tanks
work on this stove.

Her Excellency, Baroness Kathryn will be making hot water for coffee in the
morning, if you would like to share in the bounty, bring extra water to
contribute to the cause. If you want to bring instant oatmeal or cream of
wheat, there will be hot water.

This is the list of people I currently have, who are planning on camping
with Steppes. If you have made different arrangements, let me know. If you
want to be included, let me know by 8 pm Tuesday November 17.  Remember, I
need the size of your tent(s), and your estimated arrival time.

   Ruth Devlaeminck


Sir Hrafn & Lady Elizabeta

14 x 10


10 x 20, 8 x 10

Lady Caitrina

10 x 12, 8 x 10

Gionanni de Firenze, Lady Ari de Aragon

12 x 18, not including wires

Viviana Rowantree

10 x 10


12 x 15

Lord Geoffrey and Grace

15 x 18 'with room for ropes'


10 x 10


10 x 10

In Big Blue -- Big Blue now FULL
Elspeth, Gerhart, Gavin, Justin, Daire, Druinne, Cassandra

AS OF NOW -- There is no covering for a common area, or cover for the
kitchen area. Does anyone have any ideas, or care to volunteer? As HE
Druinne put it, "It's going to rain, bet on that!" I'd rather not, I have
lousy luck. Solutions, anyone?

We're not sure how much land we can grab, things are going FAST. Do not
expect to be hooked up to electricity, it appears that camping went to
merchants and taverns. Yay, taverns! (Please support the Elfsea tavern,
which is raising funds for a new Pavilion.)

If you need to call me, it's 972 535 8485. This is my Skype VoIP with voice
mail, make sure you leave a msg.

It's almost time to light the fires and kick the tires!

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