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Wed Nov 26 11:11:22 PST 2008

During my last reign as Queen of Ansteorra I started a spear of honor. It was a spear that went to many events even when his Majesty and I couldn't go and every time someone saw an Act that did honor to the knightly virtues a ribbon was placed on the spear. Well this Border March Melees makes me want to start another Spear.

 I would like to honor my Baron of Elfsea. I am sure that by now you have heard about his prowess in winning  King's Champion but I want you to know that during the last fight there was a question about a blow and  young Darr was willing to aside his win and fight the fight over. 

I feel that this was a shining example of generosity. This a knightly virtue that many take for granted but it not "honor" is what makes use value our opponents skill when they best us it is generosity or "Largess". . It is hard for the young squire or student or apprentice to give up a win because they are working on Proving themselves and there is a lot of pressure on them to be the Best. Baron Darr's actions show us that winning the fight is not always the only way to win. Sharing the glory, giving word fame to our opponents and showing respect for their honor are other ways to win. By the way this is true for the Artisan and Performer as well as the on the field fighter. 

I was not there to see the fight but many a young fighter came to me with shining eyes and told me the tale. One told me that "that his Baron's actions made him proud to be from Elfsea!"

I thank Baron Darr for bringing  the ideals of Ansteorra to life.

Duchess Willow de Wisp

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