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I have been meaning to ask...will there be a Children's corner at the
event?  My two smalls and one not so small will be joining me at the event
in the afternoon, the oldest is a budding Laurel in training and will attend
classes but I wondered if there was a table for kids crafts I could
participate in with them?

In service,
Lady Gwen

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>  Hello everyone
> After a classroom debacle we are all good to go with our final schedule for
> Elfsea College this Saturday at the University of Texas at Arlington. Please
> reference the website for directions and site information.
> If you are teaching, please review the schedule below for any class time
> changes that I had to make. I tried to work with everyone's preferences. If
> you are listed at a time that you absolutely cannot teach, please let me
> know. There are a few open slots listed.
> I will be posting a class listing on the door of each of the classrooms,
> for classes taught in that specific room. I will also have the complete
> listing posted throughout the area where the classrooms are located, so
> people may reference it. We want to be good to the environment and save some
> trees by not giving away individual copies of this list at gate. I apologize
> for those wanting a printed copy, but I welcome you to print one off before
> heading to the event.
> If you have any questions please let me know.
> Elfsea College Class Listing and Schedule
> Sabine Room (20 chairs around a long table with windows)
> 9:00    Court Etiquette: Royal Family (Duchess Juila de Montoya & Countess
> Elizabeth Seale) - How should one behave in court?  How should one
> approach the Crown when called into court? Courtly etiquette can be a
> mystery to many people.  Learn the basics of courtly graces from the people
> who know it the best, the Royal family.
> 10:00   No naked Camels (Alianorra MacAiodh) - How to use tassels in Middle
> Eastern Dance appropriately. Tassels are period. We will discuss their use
> in culture, and time frame.
> 11:00   Court 101 (Mistress Druinne de Salesberie) - Ever wondered who all
> of those people are up behind the thrones?  Why we have court in the first
> place?  Then this class is for you. Learn the basics of who wears what, who
> holds what and why the faces behind the thrones seem to keep changing.
> 12:00   New Fighter 101 Rapier (Don Ingve of York) - This will be a
> discussion class looking at the philosophies, attitudes and basic principles
> of fighting.  The objective is to gain a more broad understanding of the art
> of combat.  The class is targeted to fighters of any style, experience level
> or even non fighters.  No armor or weapons will be needed for this course.
> 1:00 to 4:00 Princess Tea
> 4:00 A&S Judging
> 5:00 A&S Judging
> Pecos Room (12 chairs, long table with podium)
> 9:00 The First Event Steps (Richard Fairbourne) - Part 1: Finding the
> right site for your event; Part 2: The ABC steps to creating a bid and
> submitting a bid.
> 10:00 How to Run a Demo (Lady Vyolante de Oporto)
> 11:00 Event Budgets Made Easy (Richard Fairbourne) - Simple steps to
> creating a budget for any event from local to an event like 30th year the
> budget is basically the same at any level.
> 12:00 How to Design & Submit an Event Ad (Baron Kainin Tepesa) - Learn the
> do's and don'ts of designing an event ad to run in the Kingdom newsletter,
> along with tips to make your ad stand out from the crowd and insure that you
> draw as many people as possible.
> 1:00 SCA 101 (Mistress Druinne de Salesberie) - This class is a basic
> introduction to the SCA.  It will cover the basic structure our
> organization, how events run, and have time for a question answer session.
> 2:00 How to Shop for a Feast (Master Caelin on Andrede) - One of the most
> expensive things about an event can be the feast.  Yet by knowing How to
> shop and Where to shop for items a smart feast steward can create multiple
> course meals for amazingly low prices. Learn tips from a veteran feast
> steward.
> 3:00 Autocrating made easy 9Richard Fairbourne) - Follows these simple
> steps and outlines and your event will be a grand success. Autocrating an
> event from when you get the bid to the conclusion of the event. Also some
> special secret tips for all those who attend.
> 4:00 Advanced Single Rapier (Don Connor Mac Gillivray OGR) - An
> interactive discussion on advanced principles of fighting with single rapier
> with a discussion of techniques that can be applied to strengthen these
> skills. While this class is geared towards advanced rapier fighters (and
> I'll expect more of you if you consider yourself advanced), it is open to
> anyone who is interested. No arms or armor are necessary for participation.
> 5:00 Infighting (Don Connor Mac Gillivray OGR) - This class will cover the
> basic principles and philosophy of infighting within the context of SCA
> combat with a focus on safety. The bulk of the class will be with single
> rapier, but time will be allotted to discuss how the techniques demonstrated
> can be applied to other SCA rapier combat forms. Specific techniques will be
> discussed and demonstrated and practical training exercises will be given.
> While this is primarily a lecture class, participants who wish to engage in
> demonstrations should come appropriately armed and armored.
> Blanco Room (12 chairs, long table with podium)
> 9:00 Basic Heraldic Design (Devices and Badges) (Amra (al-Sayyid Amr ibn
> Majid al-Bakri al-Amra)) - Visual heraldry has a language -- this class
> provides the primer to give anyone the basics for creating their own device
> and badge within the limits of the language we call blazonry.  This will be
> a rapid-paced hour, and participants most likely will NOT be able to work on
> their own designs during the class.
> 10:00 Submitting and Tracking your Heraldic Submission (Lord Giovanni di
> Firenze and Tostig Logiosophia) -  A class for SCA newcomers and veterans
> alike, this class will focus on the types of heraldic submissions available
> and their significance in the society, as well as resources, vocabulary and
> tools that will help the submitter follow the progress of their submission
> through the "black box" known as the College of Heralds.  This class is not
> intended to help a submitter prepare forms, research or design elements for
> their submissions, but rather to provide a knowledge base for how the
> "mysterious" process works and to steer potential clients away from some of
> the more common pitfalls encountered by others.
> 11:00 -1:00 Heraldic Decision Meeting
> 1:00 How to Prepare to compete in Middle Eastern Dance (Alianorra
> MacAiodh) - We will take into consideration the three topics needed to
> prepare for competition in Middle Eastern Dance. Music, Costuming, and Dance
> Style.
> 2:00 Basic Heraldic Design (Names) (Amra (al-Sayyid Amr ibn Majid al-Bakri
> al-Amra)) - What's in a Name?  Well, for an SCA persona name that can be
> choices of language, meanings, structures AND the research to back those
> choices up. (And THEN there are the whimsical names that, however well-known
> and used, will never be eligible for registry...)  This session is an
> overview only, and individuals will NOT be leaving with a submission-ready
> form -- just an understanding of the process and how to go forward.
> 3:00 How to do a PDF newsletter (Ealasaid Mac al'Bhaird (al AERYN))
> 4:00 Calligraphy 101 (Mistress Druinne de Salesberie) -  Bring you pen and
> your favorite graph paper - this is a hands on class.  There will be makers
> and some papers available as well.  We will cover the basics of getting used
> to your pen, pen angles and what are the SCA "standard" reference books.
> 5:00 - open
> Neches Room (12 chairs)
> 9:00 Bardic 101 (Eleanor Cleavely) - How I learned to stop worrying and
> love the bardic arts. This class is for the beginning or intermediate bard
> looking for some tips on how to start or improve in the Bardic Arts. How to
> prepare for competition, research techniques, etc. Please bring something to
> write with, handouts will be provided. 16 and up only.
> 10:00 Voice Heraldry (Eleanor Cleavely) - A beginner's guide to
> voice/court heraldry. Handouts will be provided. Please bring something to
> write with. 16 and up only.
> 11:00 Create your Basic T Tunic (Pyro)
> 12:00 Dressing up your T-Tunic (Ealasaid Mac al'Bhaird (al AERYN) - Ideas
> for helping create a T-tunic that looks like something a bit more "upscale".
> 1:00 to 3:00 Simple Sewing/Making a period style "pilgrim's bag'
> (Genevieve de Lironcourt ) - Are you new to the SCA and want something
> simple to make to add to the ambiance of our game? Have you always wanted to
> try sewing on a machine but don't have a machine or have been too
> intimidated to try? Come join us for a class that will be hands on. You will
> be cutting and sewing together your own bags to use at events to carry
> wallets, phones, glasses, cameras...all those mundane things we need to have
> handy at events but rarely have a good way to hide. Students will need to
> bring $3. Fabric for the bags will be provided. The fabric will be enough to
> make a bag in class and take the pieces home for a second bag. You will also
> need to bring 2 yards of a trim (should not be mostly 'white' , color is
> needed here) to embellish the bag. If you don't have access to a trim, I
> will have a few with to chose from for an extra fee. There will be a signup
> at troll for this class for the first 6 people who are interested.
> 4:00 Basic Hat wear (Aurelia Yverneau) - Come and learn about basic hat
> wear. This will include the Flat hat, arming cap, and the Henrician bonnet
> or coif for women.   Students will need to bring their own muslin or
> decorative fabric so we can have the basics of their hat cut out.
> Instructor will have her sewing machine available outside of class time to
> sew the hats together.
> 5:00 - open
> Pedernales Room (12 chairs)
> 9:00 to 1:00 Identifying Personality Styles (Rixende de Rouen) - In this
> class, learn what your own personality style is and recognize the
> personality styles of others that you interact with on a regular basis. You
> will learn how to get out of your "comfort zone" when dealing with other
> people whether that person is a Crown, Peer or New Member.
> 2:00 to 6:00 Having Difficult Conversations (Rixende de Rouen) - This
> class is designed to help you approach the conversation with the right
> attitude, settling the science for a successful conversation and outcome.
> Learn how to create conditions where people speak with complete candor and
> with complete respect. You will gain skills that encourage spirited dialog
> and reduce deference and defiance. Begin stepping up to touch issues and
> sharing opinions, feelings and information safely and freely.
> Palo Pinto Room (30 chairs)
> 9:00 - open
> 10:00 The Meaning of Peerages (Robin of Gilwell) - Peerages from the
> Middle Ages (no, medieval peerage didn't include knights) up through the SCA
> will be discussed, with emphasis on the history of the SCA, how peerages
> came into existence, the process of creating them, how they function, and
> how they affect the SCA.  This class will not focus on the current attempt
> to create a fourth peerage, but will certainly include historical and social
> background relevant to it.
> 11:00 Persona (Robin of Gilwell) - There is not just one thing called
> "persona", and the attempt to define the one true way quickly gets bogged
> down in inconsistencies.  Instead, we will discuss several different
> approaches to persona, and how they can (and can't) interact.  We'll present
> tools for building your persona, staying in persona, getting back into
> persona, and improving your persona, as well as how to survive dealing with
> persona types that are inconsistent with your own.
> 12:00 - Open
> 1:00 Documentation Roundtable: Laurels (Mistress Hanna von Dahl) - Who?
> What? Where? Why? and How?  The basics of documentation. Yet, what makes
> Arts & Science (A&S) documentation?  How should it be written and formatted?
> What questions need to be answered about the piece?  Learn the answers to
> these questions and others you might have about writing A&S documentation or
> research papers. Format is a discussion, not a lecture, so the more
> questions asked; the better the discussion will be for everyone.
> 2:00 The history of Ansteorra (Robin of Gilwell) - This will be a very
> brief description of how Ansteorra became what it is today, starting from
> the Alamo and the Sooners (really).  Most emphasis will be on the beginnings
> of our principality and kingdom, why we became different from any other SCA
> kingdom, and how we continue to be different. There is no way I will cover
> everything I'd like to cover in one hour, but it should be informative and
> inspiring, as well as biased and incomplete.
> 3:00 Titles: What do and don't they mean (Robin of Gilwell) - We will
> begin with the period use of titles, and then discuss SCA titles as they
> developed over forty years of use.  Topics will include when to use them,
> how to use them correctly, what affect they have, legal and cultural effect
> of title use, official and unofficial titles, differences between kingdoms,
> and what titles do (and don't) add to a re-enactment group.
> Ansteorra-specific topics like Dons and Centurions will be emphasized.
> Other:
> 3:00    Laurel’s Circle – room to be determined
> Your humble Elfsea College Steward
> Giliana Launceleyn
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