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Hello All,

 Here are the meeting notes. 

Elfsea Business Meeting – 8/17/2009
Thanks to Daniel & Elaine for hosting it at their house

Chamberlain report via the Baroness – Send Reports in Now for newsletter.
Office to be open for the January 2010 Round table , she will help just let her know if you are interested in taking over the office.

Gothic War is coming soon.  Elspeth will be the Camp mom.  Not sure if there will be a meal plan or not, but if you are going, let her know so places can be arranged in the Elfsea encampment.
Weather is typically nice, but there are hotels near by
3.5 hour drive to Sweetwater, TX – all day of fighting, can be home for a Monday vacation

Baroness Kathryn is putting out the official “Thank You” for Steppes Artisan / Elfsea Baronial College.  The combination seemed to work really well – over 190 people in at gate.  No real complaints heard.
UTA was happy with us and seems to be willing to work with us again. 

Sunday Practice – might want to have it only twice a month.  People are not really showing up to the Sunday one or having a hard time finding it.  Idea is to have it at the same place as Archery Practice (9-11) so that more things are going on. This will allow people to be gone by 5-6 pm with the start of school.
Knight’s Marshal office is open for bids, the ideas can be kick around more but put on hold so that the new KM can have a say.
Other ideas – Cancel Sunday, Once a month CR melee practice, combat archery at Camp Shoeman

Fall Event:
Elaine & Daniel are the Autocrats
Need a website manger – one was volunteered at the meeting
Current Champions are ready with scrolls, prizes, and formats.
Need to work out the schedule – when to have Bardic? 
Plan to have lots of melee fighting & thrown weapons
Boy Scouts will be mowing site – lots of trees, running water, and was describe as “beautiful and perfect for camping” 
Finical Committee will be voting on lowering site fee to $7.00
Will try to find a Tavern – Feast of soups suggested
Ideas for a themed party and what to do with the theme

Calligraphy 101 @ Durinne’s house on Tuesday 
At Steppes Artisan – the men of Elfsea showed: Morgarten, Sylivus, Loclan, and our champion Tostig.  Others taught: Druinne, Calien, Hanna, Richard, Tostig, Eleanor, and Rixende
 Idea for September classes needed.
Deputy needed – will be stepping down for January Round Table – one interested
No submissions this month.  Plan on buying a Pic Dic of heraldic figures – idea to print off Pennsic Traceable Art website (a book of figures in various sizes)
Will wait until after November Coronation, but plans to have a once a month “dinner & device” type meeting for those interested.
Conflict with one of the Towers still pending, but the man with the conflict is still active, so will be writing him shortly.

Stuff is good.
People have: Tubes for banners & large banner ; archery backdrop & 10 stakes.
Sylivus made one more batch of tent stakes and a bag for them.
Need to have a work day to see if the awning from the Blue & White will fit the new tent. 
Damien loves our Portable holes and will be using the idea for Steppes.

Rapier Marshal:
Office open for Bids – officially steps down Oct. 2nd 
Practices at the Arlington Library will be sporadic due to their schedule and Aleric’s work schedule. 

Have money - None spent in August

Office open for bids, coming on 2 year time limit.  Pryo should be warranted soon and has learned a lot, but others who want to become warranted for archery need to talk to Daniel ASAP.
Practice was good.
Relationship with Boy Scouts is good and getting stronger.  They don’t need us for work days at their camps, but help at demos good.  National president praised the SCA for their efforts at the large demo last year in their letter. 

There have been lots of new comers recently – praise for Elaine 
Help them get going in the right direction – talk to them, mentor, teach, advice, etc. 
After Moot on Monday there will be a New comers meeting / roundtable – all are welcome
Need to get the website changed to read that Moot starts at 7:00 pm, not 7:30 pm.
Remember to sit at gate you need to take the Gate class – should be retaken every 2 years. 
We will try to get regional out to Moot or another night to teach the class. 

Other Announcements:
Central Regional War commander – The Kingdom war commander wants there to be a Local group unit commander.  The war companies are great for non-belts to get experience. 

Glaslyn Artisan is This weekend – Peirce work and Brocade are two of the classes.  Great place to display A&S in a low pressure environment.  
More information on the website – same information for the 2008 Artisan, just a different date. 

"Burn brightly without burning out." - Richard Briggs


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