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In order to accept the infusion of wax, the leather must be warm.  The method I used was to 1) form the leather pieces by wetting and bending them to the desired shapes, tying or strapping them where necessary, and letting them dry completely; 2) heating them in the oven at 180F (as you mentioned), then 3) melting the wax over low heat, and brushing/spreading it on the warm leather.  You may need to do more than one application, warming the leather between applications, and a final gentle heating in the oven can help even out the wax infusion.
NOTE:  Do not harden your straps and/or ties, as this will make them brittle.  Attach them to the armor after the hardening process is complete.  Treat the straps/ties with Neatsfoot Oil - not only will it keep the leather supple and strong, but will approximate the color of the wax-hardened armor quite well.
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Does anyone have a good guide to how to beeswax leather armor? I'm just about done with my gear and what to protect / harden it some and picked up some beeswax thinking it would be pretty straight forward and nope, I'm lost..... HELP!
I'm finding that putting the hot wax on the cool leather just makes a white layer of wax, am I suppose to coat the leather and then place it in the oven at 180 there by melting the wax in? Or am I suppose to mix the wax with oil and rub it in?
As I said I'm lost!

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