[Elfsea] Office of Elfsea Rapier Marshal now open.

glen wilkerson gdwilkerson at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 25 10:20:16 PDT 2009

My second anniversary as Elfsea Rapier Marshal will be in October, and ater consulting with the Central Regional Rapier Marshal I have decided to open the office for bids.  This announcement was made, and I consider the office open, as of last night at Moot and is in my report in the current issue of "Tidings."  There is no current deadline, the office will remain open until a successor is found.  Until then I will continue to carry out the duties of Elfsea Rapier Marshal.

If you wish to apply for the office of Elfsea Rapier Marshal please send one copy of your application to myself, one to the Seneschal of Elfsea, Lord Morgarten, one to the Central Regional Rapier Marshal, HL Rixende, and one copy to Their Excellencies the Baron and Baroness of Elfsea, Daire and Druinne.

Elfsea Rapier Marshal

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